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0.9 as a fraction

0.9 as a fraction
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    How to count 0.9 as a fraction?

    Near 3 minutes to complete
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    Identify Decimal Place

    Here's 0.9. '9' is in the tenths spot. It's key to note this.


    Write as a Fraction

    Next, write 0.9 as 9/10. That's your fraction.


    Simplify Fraction

    Try to simplify, 9/10. But you'll see, it's already in its simplest form.


    Confirm Result

    Check your work. Turn 9/10 back into a decimal. If you get 0.9, well done!


    Try with Other Decimals

    Practice makes perfect. Try with other decimals to get the hang of it.


    Decimals and Fractions

    Decimals and fractions are buddies. They both tell us about parts of a whole. We're dealing with 0.9 here. It's less than 1, but more than 0. In the world of fractions, how can we write it? That's our focus.

    Setting the Stage

    To start, note that 0.9 is a simple decimal. When we write it as a fraction, we look at the place value. The '9' is in the tenths place.

    Straight Conversion

    Write 0.9 as 9/10. We write '9' as the numerator and '10' as the denominator. That's because '9' is in the tenths place.

    0.9 as a fraction

    Simplifying the Fraction

    For 9/10, there's no simpler form. It's already in its simplest form! But if there were common factors (except 1), we could simplify.

    Verifying the Result

    Turn 9/10 back into a decimal. The result should be 0.9. If it is, you got it right!


    Consider 0.8. This converts to 8/10, which simplifies to 4/5. Or think about 0.5. This becomes 5/10, then simplifies to 1/2.


    We learned how to write 0.9 as a fraction. The key is to look at the decimal place value. For 0.9, that's the tenths place. So, 0.9 is 9/10 as a fraction. It's a simple method, but it's crucial in math.
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