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How to cut green onions? Detailed Guide

How to cut green onions? Detailed Guide
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    How to cut green onions?

    Near 1 minute to complete
    Required Items:
    Chopped green onion
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    You see green onions in the supermarket, and you have ideas for great dishes in your head, but you don't know how to cook this type of onion properly, so you just keep going. This vegetable is very versatile and easy to prepare. All you have to do is make sure the green onions are thoroughly peeled, and you're done!


    Peel green onions

    Remove the outer husk from each bulb: cut the stem lengthwise and peel.

    Peel green onions

    Cut off the excess

    Cut off the ugly and dried tips of the leaves generously at the top.

    Cut off the excess

    Wash green onions

    Remove the roots and then wash the green onions thoroughly.

    Wash green onions

    Final cut onion

    Depending on the recipe, cut the green onion into thin rings – if necessary, divide into light and dark parts.

    Especially for dishes in a wok, green onions are cut into strips along.

    It's actually elementary, right? With the steps above, preparing green onions is now child's play, and you can buy them directly from the supermarket.

    Final cut onion

    3 ways to cut green onions

    Let's talk about how to cut green onions and at the same time practice how to do it beautifully, without unnecessary movements. We will make sure that the bow does not flatten, and its edges remain even and smooth.

    Basic slicing

    Basic slicing involves the usual chopping of onions. It is better to cut it with a sliding motion, using the entire surface of the blade, and not just the tip of the knife. Movements should be confident and clear.

    Basic slicing

    Try cutting a small bunch of onions this way:

    • Place the tip of the knife almost parallel to the board, and rest your knuckles on the blade.
    • Holding the knife at a slight angle, gradually move it back, using the full length of the blade to cut the entire onion in one motion.
    • Keep moving, until you go through the entire length with a knife. Remember that the movement must be horizontal and uniform.
    • Depending on the angle at which you hold the bow, you can get different shapes, ranging from circles to elongated ovals.

    Slicing thin strips

    If you cut the onion at an oblique angle or parallel to its length, you will get beautiful thin straws that can be used to decorate a salad or soup.

    Cutting into thin strips


    • The process is a backward movement of the knife, where the bow is placed parallel to the blade.
    • This will sag a little on the bow, but this is easy to fix with a simple method.
    • Place the chopped onion in a container of cold water and refrigerate for at least half an hour or overnight.
    • The onion will absorb the liquid and become crispy, springy and fresh.

    Decorative cutting

    A tassel-shaped onion garnish is often served in Chinese restaurants with Peking duck along with Hoisin sauce.

    Decorative cutting


    • Start by cutting off the white part of the onion, about 6 cm long.
    • Cut the onion roots.
    • Cut the tip of the onion in half, leaving about 3 cm.
    • Repeat the process, turning the bow several times so that you make a total of four cuts, cutting each into 8 individual pieces.
    • Place the brushes in a bowl of cold water and refrigerate for at least half an hour or overnight to crisp up.

    Calories in green onions

    How many calories in a green onion:

    • Number of calories – 29 kilocalories;
    • Proteins – 1.65 grams (25%);
    • Carbohydrates – 4.8 grams (72%);
    • Fat – 0.2 grams (3%);
    • Fiber – 1.02 grams.

    How to store green onions?

    If you still decide that the refrigerator is the only place where you can store green onions, then remember that onion feathers will not lose their freshness for 2–3 weeks at a temperature of 3–4 °C. But as soon as you lower the temperature to 0 °C, onions can be stored for 1 month.

    How to store green onions

    You can store a vegetable in the refrigerator:

    • In plastic bags. This requires piercing a few holes for ventilation, folding unwashed onions and storing them on a vegetable rack;
    • In the fabric. We need to dip the bulb with the root into the water, then wrap it in rags, wrap it in paper, tie it with braid, put it in a bag;
    • In jars. It is necessary to wash the onion, dry it, put it in jars and close it with nylon lids;
    • In paper. It is required to wash the onion, dry it, wrap in paper and refrigerate.

    All these methods will help you safely store onions for 1-1.5 months. The main thing is to monitor the temperature in the refrigerator and do not harvest damaged feathers, but take only a fresh vegetable.

    How to freeze onions for the winter?

    Many housewives choose to freeze onions as the most successful option for winter harvesting such a vegetable.

    How to freeze onions for the winter?

    You need to wash and dry it, and then choose the most appropriate method:

    • Chop the onion, boil for three minutes in boiling water, drain in a colander, cool, put in containers and put in the freezer;
    • Fry whole feathers for 2–3 minutes in a pan, put in containers and put in the freezer;
    • Cut the washed and dried feathers, blanch for 2–3 minutes, put in a colander, cool, put in containers and put in the freezer;
    • Sliced ​​onion feathers are simply put into containers and frozen in this form.
    You can also chop the onion, put it in silicone molds, pour water and put it in the freezer. When the molds are frozen, they need to be taken out and put into bags – this way it is more convenient to store and use the onion.
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