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How long to bake lasagna? Guide

How long to bake lasagna? Guide
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    How long to bake lasagna? Instruction

    Near 1 hour to complete
    Delicious lasagna
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    Introduction and Ingredients

    For me, lasagna has always been the pinnacle of culinary art. A rather laborious dish that requires not so much a colossal amount of time as the preparation of several components that are complex in themselves.

    You can buy the pasta itself, which is very convenient and even simplifies the life of cooks, or cook it yourself.

    I have seen special kitchen tools for rolling dough so that it climbs into thin layers.

    A surprising number of toppings for lasagna. Most often it is a thick meat sauce: Neapolitan, Bolognese sauce or Amatricana sauce – with minced meat. Delicious with artichokes, spinach. Most typically, lasagna is poured with béchamel sauce or similar. What is remarkably possible, in Italy there are some canons and rules, but in the rest of the world, cooks turn on fantasy.

    Introduction and Ingredients


    • Paste sheets (10×20 cm) - 10 – 12 pieces.
    • Beef – 300 g.
    • Red ripe tomatoes – 4 pieces.
    • Carrots – 1 piece.
    • Garlic - 2–3 cloves.
    • Onion – 1 piece.
    • A mixture of greens (parsley, petiole celery, dill) – 0.5 bunch.
    • Olive oil – 3 tbsp.
    • Butter – 50 g.
    • Milk – 0.5 l.
    • Fat cream – 100 ml.
    • White wine – 100 ml.
    • Parmesan – 100 g.

    Lasagna recipe in stages

    When I was in Italy on vacation, I tried lasagna everywhere. I don't remember a single time that we didn't like it. By the way, this dish in restaurants looks rather sloppy. What, however, it does not affect the taste.

    The process of making homemade lasagna with minced meat, provided that you bought the pasta itself, you can conditionally divide it into 4 stages.

    Lasagna recipe in stages


    • The first stage. Preparation of sauces. It's long enough. A good meat sauce takes several hours to cook and requires attention. Béchamel or any flour-and-butter-based creamy sauce of your choice is easy to prepare, but requires skill.
    • Second stage. Laying the pate and sauces into a heat-resistant form. Thorough lubrication of all layers of the paste.
    • Third stage. Baking in the oven or in the oven.
    • The fourth stage. However, there is a fourth stage, the most enjoyable – lunch, in which lasagna is the main dish.

    How to make meat sauce?

    If you know how to cook bolognese sauce, amatriciana sauce or any other meat sauce with tomatoes, cook it. But make it thicker than for pasta.

    I made the sauce using available ingredients that I had at home. A piece of beef pulp, onions and carrots, some greens, tomatoes.

    I deliberately did not use animal fat for the sauce, the dish will still be high-calorie.

    Beef ground in a meat grinder to get minced meat. In a deep saucepan, heat 3 tbsp. of olive oil, let it burn a little until a characteristic smell appears. Then, stirring, fry the ground beef in oil for 4–5 minutes.

    Peel onions, garlic, and carrots. Grate the garlic on a fine grater, and finely chop the onion with a knife. Add the onion and garlic to the minced meat and continue to fry.

    Chop the stalked celery finely and add to the pot. If it is problematic to buy petiole celery, you can add finely chopped celery roots, parsley, parsnip.

    Grate carrots – but not the largest. Add to the pan, stir and fry for about 10 minutes.

    Then add finely chopped parsley, salt, and pepper a little. Add 2 tsp. sugar – here to taste. Sugar will make the sauce extraordinarily tasty – sweet and sour. Pour in half a glass of white table wine. Bring to a boil and cover with a lid, leave to simmer over the smallest fire.

    At this time, scald the tomatoes with boiling water and remove the skin. Tomatoes for lasagna should be as ripe as possible. Peel the pits from the tomatoes and grind with a blender to a puree-shaped state. If it is problematic to buy ripe tomatoes, add half a can of canned tomato pulp, they are sold in packs of 400 gr.

    In a saucepan, add the tomato purée and add some hot water – half a glass maximum.

    As soon as the sauce boils, add dry aromatic herbs – a mixture of “Mediterranean herbs” is ideal. Pour half a glass of cream.

    Next, a long process begins – the sauce is prepared. On the smallest, a fire that barely boils, literally – languishes. Periodically, but not very often, you need to stir. The most difficult question: how much to cook? For a long time. Minimum 2 hours. The sauce should come out smooth and thick. Adjust spices, salt, and sugar to taste. Consistency – imagine store-bought squash caviar.

    How to make meat sauce?

    How to make bechamel sauce?

    If you know how to cook béchamel, this is the best option. Just don't overdo the spices. Béchamel itself is the base (basic) milk sauce. Those other sauces are made on its basis, which are often called béchamel, despite the presence of several ingredients in them.

    Theoretically, béchamel is a sauce with milk. A mixture of flour and fat, heat-treated. Then dilute with milk – room temperature and bring to a boil. After adding salt, spices, you get béchamel. After adding minor ingredients, a derivative sauce is obtained.

    But it's not that important. Melt the butter in a separate saucepan. Essential point: butter, not spread or margarine.

    Once the butter melts and starts bubbling, pour in 1-1,5 heaping tablespoons of flour and immediately start mixing with a wooden spatula.

    The flour should mix with the fat and become very smooth. Lumps are not allowed.

    Immediately, stirring constantly, start pouring in cold milk in a thin stream, trying to break up lumps and ensure perfect uniformity of the sauce. The entire amount of milk is not added at the same time. It is necessary that the finished sauce be a little liquid. Boil the sauce on the smallest fire for 10–12 minutes.

    Add a pinch of ground nutmeg and salt. By the way, a little black pepper will also improve the taste very well.

    If the sauce has become too thick, you can pour in a little hot milk. If it is too liquid, knowledgeable people recommend throwing a piece of butter into the finished sauce, after rolling it in flour.

    How to make bechamel sauce?

    How to layer lasagna?

    The most interesting thing in the cooking process is bookmark in a heat-resistant form. The shape and size of the leaves are very diverse. It is worthwhile to prepare in advance a suitable ceramic or glass mold of the right size. I specifically bought a 20×20 cm square mold with a high rim.

    The 10×20 cm shop paste fits perfectly in this mold, two sheets side by side. Macaroni is sold in two types. The first paste requires pre-boiling. The second is placed in a dry form.

    I bought pasta that does not require cooking. After some thought, I decided to soak the lasagna leaves in hot water for a couple of minutes. However, as it turned out, this could not be done.

    Next, lightly grease a square mold with butter, especially the walls. Put 2 tbsp. milk sauce and evenly distribute it over the entire area. Lay two rectangular sheets side by side.

    Spread pasta leaves with milk sauce. Spread some meat sauce.

    Important: lasagna usually consists of 5–6 layers of pasta, i.e., meat sauce should be enough for 4–5 layers. You need to decide in advance how much meat sauce to put on one layer. To be enough, if it remains – it is not relevant.

    Spread the meat sauce over the entire surface and cover the filling with two more sheets of pasta.

    I recommend laying layers of paste alternately perpendicular to the previous layer. And one more subtlety: in the process of cooking, pasta swells pretty much. Therefore, do not lay the leaves too close to each other and close to the side, leave a gap.

    Next, the procedure is simple. Lasagna leaves – milk sauce – meat sauce – leaves, etc.

    The last, topmost layer of pasta is smeared only with milk sauce.

    Be sure to sprinkle with grated cheese. Parmesan goes best with meat sauce, although mozzarella and ricotta are also used.

    How to layer lasagna?

    How to bake lasagna? How long to bake lasagna?

    Here, everything is basic. The packaging of the paste indicates the time and temperature. It’s not worth reinventing the wheel, given that only pasta needs heat treatment. The sauces are completely ready to eat.

    You are welcome to set the desired temperature and put the lasagna dish in the oven for the specified time.

    My lasagna took 40 minutes to cook at 220 degrees Celsius.

    Cut the finished dish with a knife directly in the form into 4 parts, carefully separate the lasagna from the walls of the form with a knife. Pay attention – the pasta has swelled up and filled the empty gaps on the sides. If you put the paste close to the edge, it will come out of the edges.

    Using a wide, flat spatula (or even two spatulas), transfer the lasagna to a large plate that can be preheated slightly.

    Served hot, immediately. However, heated is also delicious.

    If you are not afraid of the painstaking process of cooking, lasagna will delight you and your loved ones.

    I'm not claiming the authenticity of this recipe. Any recipe is a note that two musicians will play in thoroughly different ways, and lasagna is no exception.
    How to bake lasagna? How long to bake lasagna?

    How long to bake lasagna?

    Lasagna is one of the most famous Italian dishes. Everyone loves lasagna – both big and small, and even cartoon characters.

    Many historians believe that lasagna was not created in Italy, but despite this, everyone considers lasagna a great example of Italian culinary sophistication. Culinary historians believe that the lasagna recipe was created by the Chinese, Greeks, Arabs, or Etruscans.

    It is important, firstly, not who came up with the recipe for this fantastic yummy, but how the lasagna is prepared and who will enjoy this delicious dish.

    Cooking lasagna is a long and difficult process, but the effort pays off with happiness according to all who tasted this delicious dish, which exists in different versions, such as lasagna with minced meat and Béchamel sauce.

    How long to bake lasagna?

    Experienced chefs share their secret to baking lasagna – the perfect lasagna baking time depends on many factors. Firstly, on whether the lasagna sheets are cooked or raw, on the amount of sauce and, finally, on the quality of the oven.

    In most cases, lasagna is baked for 35–45 minutes in an oven preheated to 220 degrees.

    After taking the lasagna out of the oven, don't cut it now, leave it for 20 minutes – this way all the flavors are distributed in the best way.

    In what dish should I cook lasagna?

    The answer to the question “what to cook lasagna in” is actually unprincipled. There are special forms with non-stick coatings, but you can even cook lasagna just in a saucepan: preferably a rectangular shape, but a rounded one is also suitable.

    A giant plus for dishes, in which you cook lasagna will become non-stick properties. After all, this is precisely the dish in which the crispy crust is radically not needed. Ceramic pots and pans will serve well in this regard – they are ideal for this purpose.

    How many calories in lasagna?

    Nutritional value of the dish “Lasagna” (per 100 grams):

    • Calories: 315.6 kcal
    • Proteins: 14.7 g
    • Fat: 17.3g
    • Carbs: 25g
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