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What is 3/8 as a decimal?

What is 3/8 as a decimal?

    The subject is “3/8 as a decimal”. We'll go step by step. There will be clear methods. Let's get into it.

    Direct Division

    The easiest way is direct division. What's that? It's simple. You divide 3 by 8. Just like that.

    Use a calculator. Input 3 divided by 8. What do you get? That's right. It's .375. This is 3/8 of a decimal.

    Multiply by 1

    Wait! There's another way. You can multiply by 1. What do I mean? Keep reading.

    Change 8 to 1000. That means you multiply 8 by 125. You also multiply 3 by 125.

    What do you get? You get 375/1000. And that, my friend, is .375.

    Using Place Values

    Another way is using place values. Here's how.

    3/8 as a decimal

    • Start with 3/8. Multiply top and bottom by 125. Now, you have 375/1000.
    • You see 375 in the numerator. Each digit is a place value.
    • In decimals, 3 is in the tenths place. 7 is in the hundredths. 5 is in the thousandths.

    Put it all together. You get .375. It's as simple as that.

    Repeated Addition

    The final way is repeated addition. You know how to add, right?

    Take .1, that's 1/10. Add it to .2, that's 2/10. You get .3. Then, add .075, that's 75/1000. The total? Yes, .375.

    There you have it! Four ways to change 3/8 as a decimal. Isn't math fun? Try it yourself.
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