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How many calories in honey?

How many calories in honey?

    Incredibly healthy, tasty and nutritious – all these epithets accurately describe honey. This product is unique due to its properties. It is distinguished by absolute sterility, since it contains inhibit, a natural preservative secreted by bees in the process of creating honey.

    Many people are worried about what is the value of this delicacy and what is its calorie content, even if nature has provided natural preservation of the product.

    By the way, information on the caloric content of honey should be available not only to young ladies who strive for a slender silhouette, but also to those who care about their health and the well-being of their loved ones. Carbohydrate-enriched honey is easy to digest. However, there is a certain limit on its consumption – the daily allowance should not exceed 100 grams.

    How many calories in the honey?

    It is unlikely that there is a universal answer to the question about the calorie content of honey. The fact is that everything directly depends on what kind. Light product, often refers to the number of linden and flower varieties, and its calorie content does not exceed 380 Kcal. Dark honey is more nutritious, its value can reach 415 kcal.

    How many calories in honey?

    From the point of view of nutrition, honey cannot be called harmful, since its energy value lies not in sugar, but in the necessary and beneficial glucose for the body.

    Such a rich value has a very beneficial effect on depleted or damaged organs, and not on an increase in body fat. Honey, whose calories are aimed at healing and recovery, are instantly absorbed in the body and simply do not have time to be deposited.

    If it is rather difficult to determine the grade of honey, there is an average value – 325 calories per 100 grams. However, hardly anyone then measures the delicacy in grams. Perhaps it is much more interesting to know how many calories are in a teaspoon or a tablespoon.

    Calories in 1 tbsp of honey

    If we are talking about honey, its calorie content is calculated based on such an indicator as the energy value in 100 grams.

    To make it easier to navigate, Here are the calculations based on 325 calories per 100 grams:

    • In a standard teaspoon – 8 grams of honey, that is, 26 calories;
    • A tablespoon holds approximately 10 grams or 32.5 calories;
    • Putting honey with a slide in a teaspoon, it will no longer contain 26, but 32 calories;
    • There are approximately 72 calories in one heaping tablespoon of honey.

    How many calories in honeycomb?

    How many calories in honeycomb?

    Speaking about the nutritional value of honeycomb, it is worth noting that it consists of the following substances:

    • Proteins – 0.8 grams;
    • Carbohydrates – 85 grams;
    • Water – 17 grams.

    As for the calorie content of honeycombs, honeycombs are much more valuable than the usual product. 100 grams of this delicacy contains more than 327 calories.

    Linden honey

    Honey obtained from linden blossom is the richest in a set of useful elements, and, as a result, it is deservedly considered the most popular and delicious.

    100 grams of this honey contains approximately 320 calories. However, due to the increased concentration of sugars (glucose and fructose) in it, it is much more nutritious and sweet than honey of several other varieties.

    Sugar calories

    Recently, there has been a tendency for supporters of a healthy diet to abandon sugar in favor of honey. This is due not only to taste characteristics, benefits, or availability. It turns out that the calorie content of sugar is an order of magnitude higher and amounts to 387 kcal per 100 grams of product. At the same time, he cannot boast of the richness of the aroma or the presence of vitamins.

    Sugar calories

    Honey produced by bees in natural conditions can be used in cooking, replacing sugar with it. The taste of a huge number of salads, sauces, meat dishes and sweets from this only benefits. And it doesn’t matter at all how many calories are in honey – a light seasoning with a natural delicacy will not affect the thin curves of the waste in any way.

    Does the calorie content of honey matter?

    It is much less important than a positive effect on the body.

    Honey contributes to:

    • Increased immunity – using this product in winter and in the off-season, you can protect yourself from colds and coughs;
    • Speed ​​up metabolism;
    • Light varieties of reasonable quantities can be consumed even by people with diabetes – this once again proves that honey and sugar are entirely different in properties, and the first one is much more useful;
    • Honey is a natural antidepressant – in case of nervous tension, it helps to calm down and increase resistance to stress.

    Thus, the increased calorie content of the product has practically no negative impact on human health and weight.

    Wishing to preserve the beneficial qualities of the delicacy, it is better not to mix it with boiling water – all vitamins are immediately destroyed. For the best effect, you need to add a teaspoon of the product to cool water and drink this solution in the morning. And thus, taking sunflower honey, you can speed up your metabolism and get rid of extra pounds.

    Composition of honey

    The composition of honey contains over half a thousand components. Even scientists do not know the exact figure, but it is noted that as science develops, this figure is constantly increasing.

    Firstly, honey is renowned for the content of a complex of enzymes. Thanks to them, the efficiency of the functioning of all processes that occur in the body is significantly increased. Realizing how this affects weight loss and well-being, it becomes unimportant how many calories a spoonful of product contains. Much more important is what these calories are spent on.

    Composition of honey

    Speaking about the content of useful substances, it is worth noting that honey is unlikely to find an equal product in terms of the concentration of trace elements and mineral salts. By using a natural product (for example, acacia honey) over a long period, the work of all organs returns to normal, the natural balance is restored.

    As for vitamins, there are not so many of them as some people think. However, due to the natural preservative, they remain in its composition for many years.

    The main vitamins contained in honey include:

    • B vitamins;
    • Vitamin C;
    • Vitamin E;
    • Vitamin A;
    • Vitamin H;
    • Vitamin D.

    Thus, one spoonful of natural delicacy can serve for of both absolutely healthy and weak and malnourished people.


    You can only buy high-quality bee products from people who have years of experience in the industry. Store-bought treats are often heavily diluted with syrups, preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorants, and even antibiotics. That is why it is almost impossible to buy high-quality honey in a supermarket.
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