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How many calories are in a slice of pizza?

How many calories are in a slice of pizza?

    Pizza remains a favorite dish for companies. But few people thought that a few pieces are enough to go over with calories. Go, together with us, will figure out how many calories are in a piece, and also share tips on how to burn them.

    It is important to understand that the number of calories varies depending on the type of pizza (homemade or from a restaurant), its ingredients, how it is prepared, and so on. We hope that after this material, you will no longer eat several slices of pizza at a time.

    How many calories in a slice of pizza?

    According to experts, a piece of regular cheese pizza can contain from 200 calories. And it doesn't seem like much. However, it can grow depending on other ingredients that are added to the dish.

    How many calories in a slice of pizza?

    According to the USDA, this is the calorie content of popular pizzas:

    • Cheese – 285 calories;
    • Extra cheese – 312 calories;
    • Peperoni – 313 calories;
    • Sausage – 325 calories;
    • Meat and vegetables – 249 calories;
    • Vegetables – 235 calories;
    • Margarita – 241 calories;
    • Sicilian – 229 calories.

    A slice of pizza can contain from 200 calories.

    But it should also be understood that in different establishments, the same pizza may have different calorie content. Somewhere it will be less, and somewhere much more. Therefore, experts recommend giving preference to pizza designers. With their help, you can adjust the calorie content of pizza.

    On the other hand, remember that we don't always eat one slice of pizza. As a rule, it costs 3 – 4. This, if we consider a regular pizza with 285 calories per piece, will accumulate 1,140 calories. It doesn’t sound very cool anymore if you add drinks and stuff to it.

    How many calories is pizza?

    We are used to classifying pizza as fast food and counting that it does terrible harm to the figure. And not without reason: the calorie content of many popular types of pizza is really high, in a “large” 35-cm Italian flatbread with salami and bacon about 1200 kilocalories. However, if you buy it for a company, then each piece in terms of calories will be 130–250 units, and this is not so much. And, finally, you cannot order pizza, but cook a home-made version from low-calorie ingredients. We will reveal culinary secrets!

    Calorie pizza dough

    The energy value of the dough is determined in the same way as for other ready-made dishes. You need to add the calorie content of the ingredients and divide them by the weight of the finished dish in grams, and then multiply by 100 to get the energy value per 100 g.

    Pizza dough calories

    The classic dough for one 35-cm base includes:

    • Dry yeast – 3 grams (3-5 kcal);
    • Flour – 170 grams (629 kcal);
    • Olive oil – 17 grams (150 kcal);
    • Salt and water.

    It turns out that there are about 780 kilocalories in one base. That's why the calorie content of pizza is so high. In addition, it has a high glycemic index (calories are quickly absorbed and stored in fat) because refined wheat flour is used in the classic dough.

    In the home version, you can use whole grain flour, and also add flaxseed or barley to the dough: flour from these cereals is low-calorie. This will reduce the calorie content of pizza by 150-200 kcal and turn the dough from a “fast” carbohydrate into a “slow” one. Those who try at least 1 piece, they will appreciate its unusual taste: full-grain flour, gives the dough a golden color and a characteristic smell of bread crust.

    How many calories are in a meat pizza?

    Dough is the largest pizza ingredient by mass: according to the classic recipe, there should not be too many toppings. And yet, the contents of the tortilla also significantly affect its nutritional value.

    The filling includes:

    • Tomato sauce;
    • Mozzarella;
    • Bacon;
    • Gherkins;
    • Beef;
    • Red onion;
    • Salami or other smoked sausage;
    • Tomato;
    • Chicken fillet;
    • Olives;
    • String beans.

    The total calorie content is 720–750 kilocalories. But don't forget: “Four Meats” is often prepared in sections, and after cutting, 4 types of pieces are obtained with each filling. If you want a low-calorie piece, take the one with chicken fillet and vegetables. And leave the salami and bacon to your friends “on the mass”.

    Low calorie pizza ingredients

    In homemade meat pizza, use more vegetables as a filling (fresh tomato, onions, bell peppers), grilled chicken breast, and low-calorie cheese such as mozzarella-light or light fitness cheese. Such a filling will be rich in protein and will not harm the figure. But smoked foods should be avoided, like cheddar, Edam, emmental, camembert cheeses: they are fatty and high-calorie.

    low calorie pizza ingredients

    The easiest and healthiest filling is seafood and vegetables: squid, shrimp, mussels contain pure protein and few calories.

    If the culinary muse didn't visit you today, you can also choose a low-calorie pizza on your delivery menu. The principles are the same: avoid smoked meats; select fresh vegetables instead of olives and gherkins; ask for mozzarella instead of cheddar; look for seafood, chicken, or vegetarian options.

    A great option for those who count calories – Hawaiian pizza with chicken and pineapples. This fragrant fruit has a bright taste and is low in calories.

    And one more life hack: don't forget to invite a few friends over! After all, everyone knows that a quarter of a pizza has far fewer calories than a whole.

    How to effectively burn calories?

    According to the data, running for 15 minutes at a speed of about 5 kilometers per hour will burn 145 calories. It should be noted that the number of calories burned varies depending on your physique.

    In general, It takes 30 minutes to burn 300 calories from a slice of pizza.

    Half an hour of running will help burn calories from a slice of pizza.

    If your diet is always too high in calories, you will need much more time to walk or do other exercises.

    Everything to burn them. You have a balanced diet and one day you decide to eat pizza – nothing will happen. Just try not to include it in your daily diet.

    If you already want pizza, then prefer homemade options. Believe me, you will still burn enough calories while cooking it, as well as washing dishes. Combine business with pleasure.

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