Who Is Ameka Foster? Everything About Jamie Durie Fiance

Australian horticulturist Jamie Durie finally met his pregnant fiance, Ameka Foster. Who is Ameka Foster? Here is what we know.

Jamie finally got to meet his heavily pregnant fiance Ameka Foster. Jamie was on hotel quarantine after traveling to the United States to film a project for television network HGTV.

As per dailymail, on June 5 the 51 years old Jamie and his 31 years old fiance reunited in Sydney. Jamie clung to Ameka, and they touched their face gently and kissed each other. It was a heart-touching moment for their well-wishers.

Who Is Ameka Foster?

Ameka Foster is Jamie Durie’s pregnant fiance.  

Most of the information about Ameka Foster has not been revealed in public yet. However, her husband is quite famous as a TV host, designer, horticulturalists in Australia.

Ameka got into the limelight when she got engaged to Jamie.

Ameka Foster Age And Wikipedia

Ameka Foster’s age is 34 years old as of 2021. But she has not revealed her actual date of birth in public yet. So we are still unaware of her actual birthday.

Foster has not been featured on Wikipedia as of now. However, her husband, Jamie Durie, has been featured on the official Wikipedia page.

Ameka Foster Job

Unfortunately, we could not find Ameka Foster’s actual job profile, as she has not mentioned anything about her professional life in public yet.

It seems that she loves to maintain privacy and doesn’t want to reveal her personal life in media,

Unlike Ameka, her fiance Jamie has revealed most of the things about his personal life in public.

Ameka Foster Instagram

Ameka Foster is not present on most of the social media sites. However, we are scanning out her on social media in the hope of finding her profile.

Though she doesn’t have it, her husband Jamie used to share her pics on his Instagram profile which is registered under @jamiedurie username.