Who Is Sylvia DelaCerna? Misty Copeland Mother – Everything On Her Husband And More

Ballet dancer Misty Copeland’s mother Sylvia DelaCerna is a former professional cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Sylvia DelaCerna is the proud mother of popular ballet dancer Misty Copeland.

Copeland is the youngest daughter DelaCerna from her second marriage and was raised in the San Pedro community of Los Angeles.

Further, Copeland is a ballet dancer for American Ballet Theatre (ABT), which is one of the leading classical ballet companies in the United States.

ABT promote her to principal dancer in June 2015, making her the first African American woman ever to serve in the role in ABT’s history.

Now, let’s learn more about her mother Sylvia DelaCerna.

Who Is Misty Copeland Mother Sylvia DelaCerna?

Misty Copeland’s mother Sylvia DelaCerna is of Italian and African American descent. She was adopted by African American parents and spent most of her childhood in Kansas, Missouri.

She grew up to be a professional cheerleader at Kansas City Chiefs.

Moreover, DelaCerna is a trained medical assistant but has studied dance as well. She has mostly worked in sales in the past.

How Old Is Sylvia DelaCerna? Age Explored

Sylvia DelaCerna’s age appears in the range of 60-70 years old.

However, it’s difficult to estimate her exact age due to a lack of a precise date of birth.

Her daughter Misty, who was born on September 10, 1992, is 39 years old currently. All of her children are adults at this point.

Everything On Sylvia DelaCerna Husband

Sylvia DelaCerna has been married four times and has had four husbands in the past. She is single at the moment.

DelaCerna’s first husband’s name is unknown but her second husband was Dough Copeland, with whom she has four children including Misty Copeland.

Dough is of German and African American descent. He left home for Chicago and never returned.

DelaCerna then got married to her third husband named Harold Brown. He was a Santa Fe Railroad sales executive and they have one child together.

However, their marriage also did not work for long and they parted ways sometime later.

Her fourth husband was Robert DelaCerna, a radiologist. The former couple was happily married initially but he became physically and mentally abusive to her children afterward.

This led to the couple’s separation. They also have one son together.

What Is Sylvia DelaCerna Net Worth?

According to, Sylvia DelaCerna has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand.

She may have earned a decent amount of money as a sales representative in the past. However, her verified net worth is not yet disclosed.