Tobias Dorzon Wikipedia: More About The Athlete Turned Chef

NFL player Tobias Dorzon who became a chef has not yet been inducted to the Wikipedia page indices. Find more on the talent and his chef career.

NFL player Tobias Dorzon whose football career ended in 2012, has been a successful chef via his investment and chef house Victory Chef.

Tobias’ career as a professional chef began when Santana Moss, who subsequently contacted him for a cooking session, loved and investigated his cooking skills.

Tobias was the Jackson State University graduate, attending the college on a full-ride scholarship for his football-athlete skills.

His catering venture ‘Victory Chef’ was established in 2014.

His business roots were first embedded by the Riverdale Park of Washington DC, the birthplace of the athlete.

Meet Tobias Dorzon On Instagram

Tobias Dorzon is more active on his official Instagram page.

His authentic profile under the name of ‘tobiasdorzon’ has 105k followers and comprises 4305 posts.

His profile description attributes him as the Owner of Huncho Experience and EC of Thirteen.

He usually posts about the chef’s career, and his new recipes on his Instagram handle and also about his daughter and family’s whereabouts.

Chef Tobias Dorzon’s Age And Height Revealed

Chef Tobias Dorzon is 36 years of age, with his birthday arriving on November 23.

The NFL player is 5’9” tall and weighs around 159 lbs.

Tobias carves an African-American ethnicity, and he has been serving as the executive chef of James Harden restaurant ‘Thirteen.’

Explore Tobias Dorzon On Wikipedia:

Tobias Dorzon was a reputed NFL player whose career ended in 2012. He resorted to his other cooking talent, his private installment, garnishing his new image as a talented chef for Victory Chef.

Tobias Dorzon has not been featured in the Wikipedia indices, and his football career has rarely been highlighted, but he was a talent stock for all of his life.

He was born on November 23, 1984, to a Liberian and home chef father from whom he gathered his cooking skills.

Tobias played for Canadian Football League, and he was also associated with Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National Football League.

Born and raised in Washington DC Capital, he was a talented football player, and his education was self-funded through his sole playing skills and experiences for four years.

He later attended an Arts School as he was passionate about learning how a creative mind-hive works.

He resorted to chef and cooking activities after 2013 and has been adopting a variety of exotic and eclectic spices in his recipes.

He stated that he used his Instagram followers list to help spread his new business idea and gather more initial customers in 2020.