Who Is Kelly Oubre Jr Wife Or Girlfriend? Everything On His Affairs And Cheating Rumors

Kelly Oubre Jr. made his public debut in early 2020 with his new girlfriend, Shhylynn, a very attractive and lovely young lady. Let us get to know more about the star and his fiance.

Kelly Oubre Jr, who presently plays for the Golden State Warriors, is one of America’s best NBA players.

He previously played for the Phoenix Suns and the Washington Wizards, so it hasn’t been long since he made the switch. Before entering the NBA draft, the New Orleans native played one season of college basketball for the University of Kansas.

Kelly Oubre Jr has recently gotten a lot of attention from sports fans, especially after the 2019-20 season.

You would be astonished to learn that he started 55 of the 56 games he played in the season, averaging 34.5 minutes per game.

His fans have taken a keen interest in his love life as a result of his good season. So stick with us as we bring you closer to the American athlete’s romantic life.

Kelly Oubre Jr Wife Or Girlfriend: Did He Cheat On Shylynnitaa

In early 2020, Oubre Jr. made his public debut with his girlfriend, Shhylynn, a very attractive and lovely young lady.

On the other hand, Kelly allegedly cheated on his partner with two Instagram models, according to a recent Instagram post.

The NBA star cheated on Shylyn with IG model Celina Powell and her friend Aliza, according to an Instagram post by The Shade Room.

According to the receipts, the incident occurred when Powell and Aliza arrived in Phoenix and met Oubre. They were thrown off the plane and forced to land in Phoenix. The models received a notice from the star stating that their actions may violate federal law.

The Phoenix star supposedly learned of their arrival in the city and texted one of them, requesting a meeting at a hotel room he had reserved.

Kelly Oubre Baby

Shylynnitaa waited a while before announcing the birth of their baby.

The NBA player is engaged to Instagram model Shylynnitaa, and the couple is now parents of theirs child. The NBA forward’s fiancée posted a photo of their new baby on social media.

Kelly Oubre Jr., a small forward for the Golden State Warriors, posted a Love Wins video to Instagram on Tuesday to announce his engagement to fiancée Shhylynn.

Despite his celebrity status as a result of his successful NBA career, the American wants to keep his personal life private.