Who Is Lisa Trujillo From SAS Australia: Everything To Know

Lisa Trujillo, aged 27, is currently a tough competitor at SAS Australia. Let us get to know more about the TV star, her boyfriend, and her Instagram.

Lisa Trujillo is a well-known entrepreneur and social media influencer. She is also a fitness enthusiast, a model, and a gym trainer.

Trujillo is the creator of his sportswear line. Her consumers are located all over the world, and she sells comfortable and high-quality tights at a fair price.

Lisa is currently well-known as a member of the SAS Australia cast. The show puts celebrities’ physical, mental, and emotional capacities to the test and pushes them to their limits.

The show determines whether or not the celebrities are qualified for genuine SAS selection. Despite the difficulties, Trujillo should be able to overcome them.

Lisa Trujillo Age: How Old And Tall Is She

Lisa Trujilo, the SAS contestant, is currently 27 years old.

By nationality, she is an Australian. She is currently situated in Sydney and frequently travels around the country to promote her business.

She is also of mixed ethnicity, having been born to Spanish and Filipino parents.

Lisa’s height appears to be about 5 feet 7 inches tall in her photographs.

Lisa Trujillo Boyfriend: Is She Dating

Lisa Trujillo is dating her handsome boyfriend, Reece Kawalla.

For quite some time, the two have been in a love connection. They express their affection by sharing photos of each other on social networking platforms.

Kawalla appears to be an entrepreneur. He is affiliated with Team Flex Australia, SCN Distribution, Red Dragon Nutritionals, and Thai T-Shirt Factory, according to his Instagram bio.

In addition, the couple is the guardians of a German shepherd.

Lisa Trujillo Wikipedia And Instagram

Lisa Trujillo is not available on Wikipedia but, given her developing fame from the reality program, we are confident that she will soon be featured on the platform.

However, the official website of Active Wear has full professional information about her. She is the proprietor of a clothing line dedicated to providing high-quality goods to her consumers.

She got her start in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and gym instructor. Throughout her travels, she spoke from ladies who complained that their tights were either uncomfortable or of poor quality.

Trujillo is also a well-known influencer with a large following. She encourages individuals to invest in high-end skincare, beauty, and other products.