Who Is Milca Gili? Everything About The Former Model And Real Estate Agent

Milca Gili is a former model as well as a real estate agent who dated Luciano Pereyra and currently is in limelight because of his song. Let’s find out more about her on Wikipedia.

Milca Gili recently came into the public eye when her ex-boyfriend released a song describing his unfinished love for Milca.

Some days later, she spoke about it saying that their love story is a kind that is not over yet and people have been guessing several things about it.

Meet Milca Gili On Wikipedia

We cannot find Milca Gili on Wikipedia as of now but we can expect to see her on it soon.

She had been working as a model as well as a real estate agent until recently it seems that she has left the modeling business.

But sometimes, her fans can see her posting beautiful pictures of herself from where they get in dilemma whether she left modeling or not.

Currently, we came to find out that she has been living in Milan, Italy and we are still researching what exactly is she involved in the recent days.

What Is The Edad Of Milca Gili?

There is no information regarding the age or edad of Milca Gili available on the web but she looks to be 25-30 years old from her pictures.

As we do not have the exact birth date of Milca, it has been even hard to figure out her birthplace but we are speculating she was born in Argentina.

She is fluent in Spanish and people have been thinking that she is of South American decency and more like of Argentinian Nationale.

Furthermore, it must have been her dream to pursue modelling as a career from a young age which it seems she has left the path for a better future.

Milca Gili Boyfriend Luciano Pereyra

Milca Gili was in a romantic relationship with her former boyfriend Luciano Pereyra for more than 5 years until they broke up a year ago.

Their relationship was a very low-profile one, and it was in 2019 when the Argentinian singer, Luciano came out publicly about their relationship.

From their pictures together, we can believe that they were deeply in love with each other and has had the best moment together.

Milca is single and it does not seem she wants to hook up with any person anytime soon as her love for Luciano might not have ended yet.

Find Milca Gili On Instagram

Milca Gili is indeed present on Instagram under the handle @milcagili where she is followed by more than 117 thousand people.

She is profusely active on Instagram where she generally shares her beautiful pictures and the fun time she has with her friends otherwise.

Moreover, as she has become a social media celebrity, she keeps on sharing the pictures and her fans have been demanding her to post more often.

Along with Instagram, she also seems to be present on Facebook, but it looks like she has not been so much active on it as compared to Instagram.