Where Is Paul Henson Now? Jennifer Bailey Murder and Case Dateline

Paul Henson was only 16 years old when he killed Susan Bailey with two other teenagers.

43-year-old Susan Bailey was staying in her home in Roanoke when a brutal incident took away her life.

Mothe of a 17-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son, she had always disapproved of her daughters’ relationships.

Her fears turned to reality when the teenagers banded together and killed her.

Their story caused outrage all voe the nation, causing them to get featured in the third season of Teen Killers.

Moreover, the incident is also the inspiration being a book called Let’s Kill Mom by Donna Fielder.

The true-crime novel is a direct retelling of the occurring, with the author using the actual names of the accused and the victims.

Where Is Paul Henson Now? Case Updates 2022

Paul Henson murdered the 43-year-old woman in her home. Aiding him on his mission was her 18-year-old daughter, Jennifer Bailey, and 14-year-old son, David.

According to reports, prosecutor Jamie Beck said they had significant evidence against him, and he would be found guilty without any leniency.

Authorities were sure that he would be spending the rest of his life in yellow uniform without a chance of parole.

After getting an option of a confession, he opted out with a lesser sentence of 60 years.

Along with him, his girlfriend also got the same sentence. As her younger brother David was underage, he would get jail time after becoming an adult.

Who Is Paul Henson? Murderer Of Susan Bailey

Paul Henson was a teenager from Forth Worth when he stabbed and murdered his girlfriend’s mother.

At just 17 years old, he committed one of the most heinous and brutal crimes in Texas history.

With the help of his two accomplices, he stabbed the 43-year-old woman and left her rotting body to flee to Canada.

After getting caught, they admitted that they had plans to murder her for a long time.

Their schemes of ending her life included shocking her to death by placing electrical rodes in her shower.

Initially, there were speculations of a death sentence, but their age grated them 60 more years.

Who Is The Family Of Paul Henson?

The family of Paul Henson has kept a low profile after his court ruling.

Although media outlets reported that they were present during his jail sentence, there is no news since.

After their son committed such a wicked crime, their respect in society must have gone down.

Nonetheless, we will update you if we find out more about them.