Who Is Claire Heilig From The Bachelor? Everything To Know About The Cast

The Bachelor contestant Claire Heilig is one of the tough competitors among the other thirty contestants, who is set to win Clayton’s love.

After Claire Heilig was introduced to Clayton Echard’s season of “The Bachelor”, some viewers are interested in learning more about her outside of the show.

Fans are gearing up themselves for season 26 of The Bachelor, which will premiere in 2022.

After Matt James’ intense season, which featured a problematic winner and a few aggressive cast members, let’s see what 2022 will bring.

Who Is Claire Heilig From The Bachelor? Wikipedia Bio

Claire Heilig is one of thirty-one contestants on The Bachelor who will compete for Clayton’s love and admiration on the show.

The 28 years old girl is originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Claire is professionally a cosmetic dermatologist who works as a spray tanner.

According to her bio, she is an extrovert person who had to grow up quickly as a single mother. Yes, she has a son named Cayson, who turned five this year.

She considers her son to be her greatest accomplishment to date. Claire also hopes to have more children in the future.

And as of now, Claire finds herself ready to explore the romantic relationship with the guy. And this time without the distractions of life and work.

The quality that she wishes her soul mate to have is encouraging, who does not put her down.  On the other hand, Clayton is looking for a life partner, true love, and a best friend.

Will these two people find their soulmate in each other? For that, we have to see the show which will premier on ABC on January 3, 2022.

28 Year Old Claire Heilig Works As A Spray Tanner

Claire Heilig is a 28-year-old lady, who is currently doing her job as a spray tanner in Virginia Beach, Virginia. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is Regional Director of Cosmetics at Anne Arundel Dermatology.

She describes herself as the owner of a spray tan salon in Virginia, as well as a spray tanner herself. Her abilities, however, far outweigh those of her day job.

She’s a musician as well! You can find some of her music on her Youtube channel, here.

Meet Claire Heilig On Instagram

You can find Claire Heilig on Instagram under the handle, @claireheilig, where she has over 3.8k followers. You can see some of her stunning singles as well as some adorable photos with her son that will melt your heart.

She announced her participation in the show through her Instagram account, where her fans and followers are thrilled to watch her perform.

Everyone was wishing her well and cheering her on. We can also see some of her musical cover on her Instagram page.