Politician: John Efford Death Cause & Obituary -Former Canadian Cabinet Minister Dies At 77

Canadian politician John Efford died on 2 January 2022 just a few days before his 78th birthday. Here is more about his death cause and obituary.

John Efford was a celebrated politician of the Liberal party. He was also a businessman who ran wholesale, clothing, and plumbing store.

Efford graduated in business administration. He then handled family business and operated Efford’s Wholesale. He expanded it and owned Snoe’s Plumbing Limited and Della Lee Retail Store.

John stepped into provincial politics in the 1980s. However, he was nominated as a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly in 1985.

Efford held that title until 2001. Meanwhile, he also became the minister of social services, minister of fisheries and aquaculture, and minister of works, services, and transportation.

In 2002, John was elected as the House of Commons aka Member of Parliament of Avalon, and was re-elected two years later. Besides, he was also the Minister of Natural Resources.

Efford retired in 2006 following his deteriorating health condition.

Politician: John Efford Death Cause & Obituary, How Did He Die?

Former politician, John Efford has passed away following his battle with several diseases.

As per the online obituary, he died in sleep at Carbonear hospital. Prior to his demise, he suffered diabetes and had Alzheimer’s disease as well.

John’s death cause is not revealed but after the news of his passing, people are wishing condolences. However, his family has asked for some privacy from his followers.

Efford will be missed and his contributions will be remembered. Hopefully, his wonderful soul will rest in peace.

John Efford Wife Name Revealed: Meet His Children

John Efford is survived by his wife, Madonna, and three children.

Efford and Madonna married decades earlier and spent their lives together. The sudden departure of John has shocked his partner.

Although Madonna is devastated, she is gathering strength to say goodbye to the love of her life.

Efford has left behind three children and three grandchildren. He is outlived by his daughter, Jacqueline Ann, and his sons, John III, and Joseph Lee.

Likewise, John’s grandchildren-John IV, Jenna Emily, and Cali Jean will definitely miss him.

John Efford Age: How Old Was He?

John Efford was 77 years old when he died peacefully in sleep.

Born on 6 January 1944 to parents John and Diana, he was days away from celebrating his 78th birthday. He was a Capricorn with a Canadian nationality.

Efford always worked for the welfare of his motherland and fulfilled his commitments.

John Efford Net Worth Exposed

Former Cabinet Minister John Efford collected a substantial net worth between $1M to $5M.

He was a businessman who was also involved in provincial and federal politics. He spent 30 years of his life in the political sector.

It earned him both fame and money and he led a respectable life. As of now, his fans are paying him tributes for his offerings.