Next Level Chef: Roice Bethel Age Height Wiki; Wife Instagram And Net Worth

Gordon Ramsay’s newest show, Next Level Chef, will premiere in January 2022. The food competition season will include 15 contestants, including Roice Bethel.

In “Next Level Chef,” Roice Bethel is one of the most formidable opponents. He is a self-taught chef who rose to fame after releasing cooking videos on TikTok. He sees himself as a culinary and cuisine content creator.

On January 2, 2022, FOX TV will premiere the inaugural season of Next Level Chef.

How Old Is Roice Bethel? – Next Level Chef Contestant Age

Roice Bethel is an adult of 29 years old. Unfortunately, we don’t know when the chef celebrates his birthday because he hasn’t mentioned it.

The cooking competition series will include 15 home cooks, chef influencers, and private chefs competing in demanding tasks.

Season One’s Next Level Chef will be called and receive a monetary reward of $250,000. However, the cookery show, especially with Gordon Ramsay as the judge, is not for the faint of heart.

Roice Bethel Height: How Tall Is The Next Level Chef Contestant?

The height measurement information for Roice Bethel is yet to arrive on the internet.

However, analyzing his photos, Roice appears to be taller than 5 feet and 9 inches. Because he is of Brazilian descent, his average height should be around 5 feet and 8 inches.

Is Roice Bethel On Wikipedia? – Short Bio On Him

Roice Bethel is yet to feature on the official page of Wikipedia.

Roice was born in Brazil and raised in Corona, California. By profession, he is a terrific cook and a fantastic photographer.

His Instagram is brimming with postcard-perfect images that are simply breathtaking. Underwater sceneries, beaches, and his wife appear in the majority of the pictures.

Bethel has traveled to Hawaii, Santa Barbara, and Kulaniapia Falls. Unfortunately, his employment as a photographer appears to force him to travel.

Next Level Chef: Roice Bethel Net Worth

Roice Bethel’s net worth is not known and is currently under review.

His primary source of income is from being a chef. However, Roice might be earning from somewhere else, too, which has not been surfaced on the internet yet.

Is Roice Bethel Married? – Wife Miriam

Last year, Bethel and Miriam married, and they are now happily married.

On February 18, 2020, Roice proposed to Miriam and posted a touching message to his social media account. “Today is an unfortunate day for all the single women on the planet because I’m officially taken,” he captioned the photo.

She appears to be as daring as the Next Level Chef contestant.

Meet Roice Bethel On Social Media: Instagram And Tiktok

Roice Bethel has 26K Instagram followers and is a frequent user. Moreover, he has made a total of 171 posts.

His official Instagram handle is @roicebethel. In addition, Roice Bethel has many Twitter followers with whom she communicates frequently. His cooking videos may also be found on YouTube.

Under the handle “@noflakeysalt,” Roice is a well-known TikTok creator. Roice Bethel’s TikTok account has 535.1k followers right now. In addition, he has over 125 short videos on the video-sharing network.

Roice’s videos garner over 150K views on average.