Recent: Rochelle Humes Dad Mark Piper Death Cause -What Happened To Him? Details To Know

Rochelle Humes’s dad Mark Piper is rumored to be dead. Let’s find out the details regarding the passing of her dad.

Rochelle Humes, a professional English singer and TV presenter does not have a healthy relationship with her father.

Humes’s dad Mark Piper who left his daughter when she was 3 might have received the bad news after 3 decades.

Words on the internet are her biological father Mark Piper has now passed away.

Well, let’s find if the news is true or just a false rumor.

Rochelle Humes Dad Mark Piper Death

Rochelle Humes’s dad Mark Piper death has been surfaced on the internet.

Piper, who has not been a loving father to his daughter Rochelle Humes is rumored to have passed away.

However, the official information is yet to come out to the public.

Mark Piper did not have a healthy relationship with his firstborn child Rochelle as he was revealed to have divorced his wife Roz Wiseman when Rochelle was 3.

The singer had tried to get in contact with her father during her late-teenage years which turned out to be a shocking moment for her after she found out that she had half-siblings.

After that, Humes has never tried to contact her father but has a close relationship with her half-siblings. She had openly stated that her relationship with Mark was ‘non-existent’.

Now, with the news of her ‘non-existent’ father has found its place on social media, fans are eager to know about the details.

Rochelle Humes Family Grief: What Happened To Mark Piper?

Rochelle Humes’s family is reported to suffer a loss and is in a deep state of grief.

The mother of 3 Rochelle is rumored to have lost her biological father Mark Piper but she has not revealed any details to the public.

Meanwhile, Rochelle, who is a loving wife of singer/songwriter Marvin Humes is a happy family and they have just celebrated their New Year and Christmas with their children.

Humes has yet to mention the demise of her father Mark Piper.

Furthermore, Piper’s children Sophie Piper, Lili Piper, and Jake Piper from his second wife Julie have not revealed any news of their father’s demise as well.

So the information about Mark Piper’s death may or may not be 100% true at this moment.

Rochelle Humes And Her Relationship With Her Father Mark Piper

Rochelle Humes’s relationship with her biological father Mark Piper is something she does not appreciate much.

She was raised by her single mother Roz Wiseman and her uncle Paul Ince since she was 3 and was not able to receive the love of a father.

After divorcing Roz, Mark went to start a new family with Julie and raise 3 children together. He belonged to a Jamaican ethnic background.

Now, raising the 3 children of her own, Humes states that Marvin is the type of father she would happily give her arms for.