Joe Gatto Affair And Scandal Explained – Why Did He Divorce His Wife?

Netizens are very much interested to know about American actor Joe Gatto’s affair and scandal. Explore more about his divorce and spouse Bessy Gatto.

Joseph Anthony Gatto Jr. was born on June 5, 1976. He is a comedian, actor, and producer from the Staten Island borough of New York City. He was once a member of the Tenderloins, a comic team that included Sal Vulcano, James Murray, and Brian Quinn.

He was starred in the television series Impractical Jokers, which premiered on TruTV on December 15, 2011, with the other members of the Tenderloins.

Joe Gatto Affair And Scandal Explained: Why Did He Divorce His Wife?

Joe Gatto is suspected of having an affair with another woman while he was married, and he has now chosen to divorce his wife and begin co-parenting his childrens.

He simply wanted to let all of his audiences know that he will no longer be affiliated with the Impractical Jokers, so pleased his fans accept his apologies via the longer and more serious-than-usual note. He has dedicated a decade of his life to establishing this brand with his friends, and he could not be more proud of what has done. He has, however, taken a step back owing to certain personal concerns.

He and his ex-wife, Bessy have agreed to split ways peacefully, so he is now focused on being the best father and co-parent to his two amazing children. The exact reason behind the divorce has not yet been made public but it is expected to be revealed in the upcoming days.

What Happened Between Joe Gatto And Spouse Bessy Gatto?

Joe is accused of having an affair during his finest days of marriage, but no specific details about what transpired between them have been released to the public, and they have both maintained silence on the matter.

In a second Instagram post, Bessy Gatto announced the divorce, stating they had decided to part with love and respect.

She mentioned that they will always be a family to their lovely children, even if they are no longer a couple, and they look forward to co-parenting together. Milana, who is six years old, and Remington, who is four years old, are the Gattos’ children.

They have requested all their fans and family to respect their privacy as they embark on this new chapter together, and they will, of course, continue to aid animals and rescue dogs because it is something that they are both passionate about.