Who Was Lady Farnham? Death Cause And Obituary -What Happened To Her? Details To Know

The death of Lady Farnham came less than a month after the Duchess of Grafton died, leaving a gaping hole in the life of Queen.

The Queen entered 2022 without three of her closest confidants by her side. 2021 was a difficult year, and we can only hope 2022 will not follow in the same footsteps as its predecessor.

Diana, Lady Farnham, the Queen’s Lady of the Bedchamber, died at 90.

Lady Farnham served as the monarch’s Lady of the Bedchamber for thirty-five years. She has appointed the role in 1987.

Who Was Lady Farnham? Death Cause And Obituary

Lady Farnham was a personal companion of the Queen and a member of the Royal Household since 1987 as Lady-in-Waiting.

She was appointed Commander, Royal Victorian Order (CVO) in 1998, in recognition of her excellent personal service to the monarch, after entering the royal household in 1987.

She also served as a Justice of the Peace. In 2010, she was given the title of Dame Commander, Royal Victorian Order (DCVO), one of the highest personal honors the Queen may bestow.

Lady Farnham passed away on December 29, 2021, just days after Christmas. Even at the age of 90, she had a youthful grace about her.

The year 2021 was not a good year for the Queen. In a year, she lost her husband, the Duchess of Grafton, and now Lady Farnham.

Diana Maxwell, otherwise known as Lady Farnham, died peacefully in her home. The cause behind her death has not been revealed. Although after taking a look at her, it might have been due to old age.

A royal source made the following statement. “It is very sad for the Queen. Everyone loved Lady Farnham; she was always so good-humored. She was also a very glamorous and attractive woman.

Insight On Lady Farnham Family -Husband And Children

Lady Farnham did not have a huge family even though she was married for 42 years.

Her husband was an Irish noble who went by the name Barry Maxwell. He was the 12th Baron Farnham, a Nova Scotia baronet who died in 2001. She got married in the year 1959. They were married for more than four decades before he left her to be by God’s side.

At birth, she was named Diana Marion Gunnis. Her close friends call her Marion. After marrying Lord Farnham in 1959, the couple adopted two children, Harriet, 57, and Sophia, 54. Araminta, 28, and Henry, 26, were her grandchildren.

She was born to parents Elizabeth Morrison and Nigel Eric Murray Gunnis in the spring of 1931.

Her net worth is not public knowledge.