Sprinter: Who Was Akiah McMillan? Cause Of Death -How Did She Die? Details To Know

Akiah McMillan, the record-breaker sprinter has passed away. Her cause of death is yet to be noticed publicly.

Akiah McMillan has died.

It’s a sad day for the McMillan family as well as the entire Columbia College as they have lost their loved ones.

McMillan, who was known to be a sprinter in Columbia College, was a freshman trying to make her future better through academics as well as sports.

However, the news of her death came as a shock to the entire people, and now her loved ones are mourning the loss they have suffered.

Let’s find out the details behind her death cause but first.

Who Is Akiah McMillan?

Akiah McMillan was an American sprinter.

She was in her freshman year at the Columbia College where she was slowly starting to prove herself as a premier athlete.

McMillan, who was a young girl, was the record-breaker of the school as she had broken the 300m dash record with the time of 48.52 seconds in early December. Previously, the record was helmed by Courtney Lambert in 2017.

Further, she was a cross country sprinter who had made a satisfactory name for herself during her short span of sprinting career.

She might have thought to represent her country United States on an Olympic level but with her untimely demise, everything remained a dream for her as well as her family.

Akiah McMillan Cause Of Death And Obituary Details: How Did She Die?

Akiah McMillan’s cause of death is unknown at the moment.

She was a young player with a bright future but her sudden death has left her beloved ones in splits.

McMillan’s family must have been shattered after they lost their young star so they have remained quiet regarding the details of her death cause.

Believed to be in her mid-teens, McMillan was never reported to suffer from a serious health injury.

We would have to wait until her family decides to open up about the cause of Akiah’s death. Till then we are unable to provide you with the details.

Further, her obituary is not published as well. The details of her family and her DOB will only be known after her obituary is published.

In addition, the information about her burial ceremony is not revealed at the moment.

Akiah McMillan On Instagram

Akiah McMillan was available on Instagram as @akiah_21

She was not an avid Insta user as her account has seen 11 posts only. She was active since September, 2020.