Who Is Chinese Actor Zhang Zhehan And Why Are Brands Cutting Ties With Him?

Zhang Zhehan is a Chinese actor and singer. He was born on May 11, 1991, at Xinyu, Jiangxi, China.

In 2010, Zhang made his acting debut in the romance drama Why Love you. Thereafter, he signed a contract with Yu Zheng’s studio, and played the leading role in the comedy web series, Crazy for Palace (2013) and its sequel. The series gained a small following online.

In 2021, Zhang started alongside Gong Jun in the Wuxia dramaseries, Word of Honor, which is based on BL novel Tian Ya Ke by Priest. He played the role of  Zhou Zishu, former leader of the Window of Heaven, who quits his position in pursuit of freedom and discovers his soulmate in the process.

Why Are Brands Cutting Ties With Him

China’s Association of Performing Art on Sunday (August 15) called for a boycott of Chinese actor, Zhang Zhehan (World of Honor) after photos of him at Japan’s controversial Yasukuni Shine taken in 2018 and 2019 circulated online and sparked outrage among Chinese netizens and media.

The Yasukuni Shrine is seen by Japan’s neighbouring countries as a symbol of that country’s past militarism and remains a flashpoint for tension with China. The shrine also honours Japan’s war dead, including 14 World War II leaders convicted by an Allied tribunal as war criminals.