Lyndell Mansfield Accident: How It Happened

Lyndell Mansfield is an Australian-born stylist known popularly for her work in fashion and music. She passed away on October 1, 2021, following an accident. Lyndell’s work saw her products featured on fashion shows all over the world.

Lyndell resided in the United Kingdom for the past 23 years. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 in September before her heart attack and brain aneurysm. According to reports, Lyndell Mansfield was admitted to a London hospital and put on life support due to health complications she faced.

The Australian hairstylist, Lyndell, suffered three consecutive cardiac arrests before she lost her life. She died afterward and her death was broken by her close friend, Beth Ditto, in a post that read: “Hairstylist Lyndell Mansfield reportedly passed away on Monday, 1 October 2021. She is remembered for her prominent work in the fashion and music industry.”

Few hours later, Lyndell Mansfield’s friend, Thea Basiliou, confirmed her death in a post that read: “I can’t believe I’m writing this. It doesn’t seem real. You’ve left us early.”

Lyndell Mansfield health condition was caused as the blood vessels in her brain ruptured and caused bleeding inside the brain.