Jovita Moore Cause Of Death

Jovita Moore was an American news anchor who plied her trade for WSB-TV in Atalanta Georgia since 1998. Jovita Moore was born on October 4, 1967, in New York City and unfortunately died on October 28, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jovita Moore is a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism holder from Columbia University and she had her internship at the New York Times. Jovita Moore worked for the likes of KFSM-TV, WMC-TV and was at WSB-TV before passing away at the age of 54.

Jovita Moore Cause Of Death

In the first quarter of 2021, health professionals diagnosed Jovita Moore with two tumors in her brain. A few weeks later, she successfully went through surgery and the tumors were removed.

After the surgery, Jovita was diagnosed with glioblastoma, which is a kind of brain cancer. Moore could not recover from the brain cancer and died of it on October 28, 2021.

Jovita Moore was survived by two children: Shelby and Josh Griffith, her mother, Yvonne Moore, and her step-daughter, Lauren Griffith.