Richest Musician in Kenya

Akothee is the recognised richest musician in Kenya. She is a singer and businesswoman who makes so much from music and her businesses. She is known by birth as Esther Ako.

Akothee was born on April 8, 1980, and she is 40 years old. She is the founder of Akothee Safaris, Akothee Foundation, Aknotela and Akothee Homes, and a real estate business. According to Forbes, another has a net worth of $3.3 million.

Akothee makes millions of Ksh from her Tourism, Safari Companies and beach resort. She has a house in Rongo which is estimated at Ksh 80 million. Over the past years, she has racked up so much death from the music industry. She has collaborated with famous artists like Diamond, MCGalaxy and Flavour.