Richest King in Africa

According to Forbes, Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, is known to be the richest King in Africa. Mohammed VI is worth US$8.2 billion. He is noted to be the only king who spends over thousands of dollars daily in his royal palace.

Mohammed VI was born on August 1963 and ascended to the throne in July 1999 after the death of his father, King Hassan II. Mohammed VI is considered the wealthiest African king.

Mohammed VI Businesses

The conglomerate has a diverse portfolio of investments, including the country’s largest bank, Attijariwafa; mining company Managem Group; energy firm Nareva; sugar producer Cosumar; supermarket chain Marjane; and dairy firm Centrale Danone. King Mohammed IV also has shares in agricultural group Les Domaines Agricoles—founded by Hassan II—through his holding company Siger.

Mohammed is Morocco’s leading businessman and banker. In 2015, he was estimated by Forbes magazine to be worth US$5.7bn although in 2019 Business Insider quoted a figure of just US$2.1 billion.

The Moroccan Royal Family, meanwhile, has one of the largest fortunes in the world. Together, they hold the majority stakes in the Société Nationale d’Investissement (SNI), which was originally state-owned but was merged in 2013 with Omnium Nord Africain (ONA Group), to form a single holding company that was taken off the Casablanca Stock Exchange—resulting in the scrapping of an equivalent of 50 billion Dirhams Marketcap (US$6 billion).

Mohammed VI Daily Palace expenditure

His palace’s daily operating budget is reported by Forbes to be $960,000—which is paid by the Moroccan state as part of a 2.576 billion Dirhams/year budget as of 2014 with much of it accounted for by the expense of personnel, clothes, and car repairs.

King Mohammed VI Private jet

The Morocco king uses a Boeing 747-400 for commuting inside and outside the country. Crafted by national carrier “Royal Air Maroc”,

King Mohammed VI Autos and Cars

Mohammed VI owns an Aston Martin car, another pricey car in his unique car collection. The Morocco king loves his car to death which is evident recently took his car for quite the spin.

The wealthy sovereign flew his Aston Martin DB7 from Rabat, Morocco, to the U.K., so that it could be repaired at an Aston Martin workshop. The King chartered a Hercules turboprop military transport aircraft from his own military to transport the luxury car.