Meet Diane, American Pickers Frank Fritz’s Wife

Frank Fritz is a famous American television personality who is best known for his role on American Pickers. 

The reality show star is not married, but he has been in a serious relationship since at least 2015. Frank Fritz’s girlfriend is a woman named Diane who happens to be a grandma to her grown daughter’s son.

Frank Fritz has not provided more information about his girlfriend, Diane, even though he shares photos of her frequently on social media.

Frank Fritz ie yet to tell his followers how, when they met and long they have been dating.

It is rumored that they have been together since at least 2015, and they are still going strong. It is not clear if Diane will become Frank Fritz’s wife anytime soon.

Diane has a daughter called Paige who is sometimes referred to as the child of Frank Fritz

Frank indeed has found “The One” and the pair make an adorable match together. However, the couple has commented nothing about getting married and taking their relationship a step ahead.