Lindani Myeni Biography, Age, Wife, Death, Shooting, Autopsy And What Happened

Lindani Myeni was a South African who was killed by police outside a Nuuanu home.

Lindani Myeni was born in 1999 in South Africa even though his actual date of birth is not known. There is no information about his parents, siblings, and early childhood life.

Lindani Myeni Wife

Who was Lindani Myeni wife? Was Lindani Myeni married? Lindani Myeni was married to Lindsay Myeni. He married from his hometown.

Lindani Myeni Death

How did Lindani Myeni die? What’s Lindani Myeni cause of death? Lindani Myeni was killed by police outside a Nuuanu on April 14, 2021. The police used a Taser on him in less than a minute and shooting him three times. He is accused of not obeying police instructions.

Lindani Myeni Shooting

Lindani Myeni was fatally shot by Honolulu police there times and died on the spot.

Lindani Myeni Autopsy

The Medical Examiner found marijuana in Myeni’s blood, but Alm said the autopsy report didn’t indicate that drugs were a factor in Myeni’s behavior that led to the shootings.