Who Is Danny Bibby Of Love Island?

Love Island is a reality series where contestants engage in different activities with a partner  whom they keep swapping till they find the love of their lives. It was first aired on June 7, 2015. And it has been airing since. On July 15 episode of the series, it was revealed that a guy named Danny would be entering the villa.

He eventually entered the villa on day 18, but he was dumped on day 23 because of a racism scandal. Apparently, he used the N-word on social media. However, people may still be curious about this character called Danny Bibby.

Danny Bibby is a twenty-five-year-old plumber from Wigan, England. In addition to being a plumber, Danny owns his own clothing brand which he launched during the lockdown. He says that “I love fashion and getting ready. I like looking smart and wearing designer clothes. That’s my thing.”

He is heavily covered with tattoos which he says are a mix of quotes, symbols and his lucky number. He even appears to have an outline of Great Britain on his back. He also has the words “England” and “Scots” and a large rose on his chest. His ex-girlfriend is Nicole Jade. His handle on IG is @dannybibby_.