Amber Alert Georgia- Who Is Ricky Lee Buttrom? Everything On His Arrest Charges And More

Ricky Lee Buttrom has been identified as the kidnapper of the Amber Alert Georgis kidnapping. Learn more about the case.

Cataleya Buttrom, a 2-year-old child from Bartow County, Georgia, has been kidnapped.

The event occurred on Wednesday, December 1, when the news first became public.

The NCMEC claims that the accused abductor’s identity is Ricky Lee Buttrom.

Following the kidnapping, an Amber Alert was issued, and an urgent search was expected.

Who Is Ricky Lee Buttrom? Age And Wikipedia Explored

Ricky Lee Buttrom is accused of being a kidnapper who abducted Cataleya Buttrom.

He is characterized as a 25-year-old black male. His height is 6’7,” and he weighs around 193 pounds. He has dark eyes and dreadlocks.

Following the kidnapping, Lee was driving a blue Toyota Rav 4 with the Georiga plate number CRF9791.

More information is yet to be released to him as it is a developing case.

Police have reached out to the people to call 911 if they cross paths with Ricky or an individual to fit the above description.

Will Ricky Lee Buttrom Face Arrested Charges?

Kidnapping is a serious crime with severe consequences. Kidnapping is classified as a felony offense in all states; however, each state has varying degrees of felonies with varied penalties connected with them.

So, Ricky Lee Buttrom will be subjected to jail time if he pleads guilty.

Convictions for kidnapping can result in significant prison terms, including life sentences in some cases and states. For first-degree or aggravated abduction, punishments of 20 years or more are usual, whereas minimum times of five years or more are frequent for second-degree kidnapping.

Kidnapping convictions carry significant fines in addition to jail terms. Convictions for aggravated kidnapping can result in penalties of $50,000 or more, while convictions for ordinary kidnapping can result in penalties of $10,000 or more.

Who is Ricky Lee Buttrom Family: Is He Active On Facebook?

No information is released on the family members of Ricky Lee Buttrom.

Ricky isn’t to be found on Facebook. We guess he deleted his profile after the news of him spread through the country.

As Ricky and the abducted Georgia Buttom share the same surname, many people have guessed them to be related. However, no valid information isn’t put forward to prove the statement.

Even though Ricky is available on Facebook, the word of him being abducted has spread throughout the platform.