Who Is Kadeem Ali Harris? Everything To Know About Harlem Actor

Kadeem Ali Harris, age 32, is an actor known for the Harlem TV series. Let’s explore more about him in this article. 

Kadeem Ali Harris shiningly newly in his career, is an actor, director, writer, and hip-hop historian as well. He has played some TV series and movies.

The actor is flourishing his acting career and has been involved in some TV series recently.

The actor lives in the United States, shifting from New York to Los Angeles time and again.

Kadeem Ali Harris Age: How Old Is He?

Kadeem Ali Harris is believed to be in his early’s 30’s. His exact age is not yet specified but is believed to have been 32 in the year 2021.

An American citizen who was born in the heart of the United States, Los Angeles, has been recently renowned for his acting in the series Harlem.’

‘Harlem’ is a 2021 new comedy following a group of stylish and ambitious girlfriends.

Kadeem Ali Harris Wikipedia

Kadeem Ali Haris has already acted in a couple of movies as ‘The funhouse massacre’ (2015), ‘No place for a soft eye’ and ‘BI.’

After his noticing role in ‘Harlem,’ Kadeem Ali Harris has gained his Instagram followers and reached 13k as well.

The actor is also interested in reading. Not only is Harris into acting, but fun fact, he loves traveling and has made photography his side passion.

Kadeem Ali Harris is not an Instagram-active person; even though he joined Instagram in 2013 by posting the first picture of his nephew, he has just published 35 photos until 1st December 2021.

Who Is Kadeem Ali Harris Girlfriend?

Kadeem Ali Harris is seen to have been in an amazing relationship with his girlfriend Adrianna Mitchell, who is also known as an Actor, Writer, and director.

Adrianna confirmed through her Instagram post that the couples just celebrated three years of sharing food. This is not the first time Adrianna posted about their romantic and excellent relationship, but she often posts about them.

The couples have been enjoying their love relation and helping each other through building their career. They give the energy of a power couple.

Adrianna Mitchell, an actor, and director has been seen in a couple of dramas such as, Snowfall, Bull which premiers its daily episode Thursday on CBS TV, and other movies such as ‘The Blacklist’ and ‘The good fight.’

Kadeem Ali Harris Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Kadeem Ali Harris is somewhere near $100,000.

Kadeem Ali Harris is not a socially active person, that is seen for sure, but his dedication to building a career in the field of acting, directing cannot be any less.

What does it take to be a good actor and a good lover? The recent shining, young and handsome actor Kadeem Ali Harris can be a great example. From keeping his personal life to professional life on a reasonable level, he has been doing excellent.