Who Is Jed Duggar? Josh Duggar Brother To Testify In The Ongoing Trial

Jed Duggar is the estranged brother of Josh Dugga, who recently faced allegations. 

Jed is known for his best interest in politics. He even ran in the 2020 election for the “Arkansas House of Representatives,” only to lose with Megan Godfrey.

Recently, Jed has come to the people’s attention after getting called as the potential witness for his estranged brother. Since Josh’s allegations, the family of Duggar has become the talking point to the public.

With this, recently, the public has shifted their interest towards the fifth son of the Duggar family.

Who Is Jed Duggar? Meet Josh Duggar Brother

Jed, a.k.a, Jedidah Robert Duggar, is the 10th child of his parents Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar. People have known Jed for his interest in politics.

Growing up, he got completed his schooling from home. Later, he started his political career from “the Arkansas Stare House of Representatives” as a legislative assistant.

Jed has also run for the position in the 2020 election as a republican. However, he eventually lost to the democratic party.

At present, he got involved in his family business of Champion Motorcars the pre-owned vehicles are brought and sold.

Other than that, he is currently all over the news due to his estranged brother Josh Duggar’s allegation of “child sexual abuse material.” Jed got called to the court as a potential witness for the trial.

Jed Duggar Married His Wife Katey Nakatsu

Jed has got own beautiful family with his wife, Katey, also known as Katelyn Koryn Nakatsu. The couple tied their knot on 3 April 2021.

His wife Katelyn is the firstborn of Kim Nakatsu and Kory Nakatsu. She is also known for volunteering in the women’s prison ministry.

Besides that, Katey is a pilot who received her license only on 13 April 2020. Nakatsu herself is a successful woman with a bright future.

Regardless, she is known for being a daughter-in-law of the Duggar family and Jed’s wife. Although it has not been long since Katey married Jed, she has received loads of attention from the public.

Find More On Jed Duggar Family: Does He Have Children?

For more life stories of Jed, he is not available on the Wikipedia page. Even so, many online sites have written about his details.

At present, Jed and his wife Katelyn are expecting a child, which has been due for April 2022. The young member of the family would be their firstborn.

Other than that, the Duggar family is a controversial subject on the web today. With Jed’s estranged brother Josh’s allegations, the family has caught much attention from the public.

Currently, people are waiting for the Josh trials, with the Jed testifying in the court.