Meet James Hayward Wife or Partner Lee Michelle Hayward: Former MP Accused of Child Sex Abuse

Accused politician James Hayward’s wife Lee Michelle Hayward is a reputed manager from the Chester area. Explore more about their married life.

James Hayward has been investigated and charged for the sexual abuse of minor girls.

James is the representative member of the Western Australian Legislative Council that operates for the South West.

He was assigned to the office from May 22, 2021, and he represent the National political party.

Born in Derby of Western Australia, he initially served as a national television producer and as an acclaimed journalist in the field.

Take A Look At James Hayward’s Wife or Partner Lee Michelle Hayward

James Hayward had a consistent and supposedly happy married life prior to his exposure to his sexual assault crime.

James has been married to his wife Lee Michelle Haward since 2002.

They dated for many years before finally tieing the knot on October 1, 2002.

His partner Lee Michelle was born to her father Bruce Kennard and her proud mother Delma Joan Fraser.

The Christain couple has been blessed with their three sons and three daughters.

Michelle was super proud of her husband’s political success as he got elected to the Bunbury City Council back in 2013.

He also was selected as the representative of the National Party and got elected as the state president for his 2015-2019 tenure.

Michelle however has been pure laconic regarding her media exposure and news highlights.

The partner of Australia’s top-tier politician has rarely talked about her personal life, marriage details and the ways the couple handles their daily life activities, in some sense, passivity is paying.

Michelle was shocked by the initial accusations on her husband and thought it was just a hoax targeted on him by opposition members to tarnish his well-maintained reputation.

As the case has grown stronger in the passing days, she is in grave doubt about her husband’s initially assumed honesty and so maintained image.

How Rich Is Politician James Hayward? Massive Net Worth Revealed

Through his journalist career and video production units, James surmised pretty solid value for his net worth.

The robust politician fits in the upper tier with a staggeringly high $7 million dollars in net worth.

His election to the parliament head and his tenure as the state president for 4 long years surely added more weight to the accumulated fortunes.

Similarly, his side business and stocks investment have been raising the value every year on large scale.

Accusations On James Hayward And Child Abuse Charges

James Hayward has been charged with sexual abuse of an 8 years old girl and multiple involvements with several minors.

He has been assigned to the Perth Magistrates Court for December 2, 2021.

The 52 years old politician has been tipped to be involved in immoral and improper dealing of children under 13 years of age and inciting them to do indecent activities.

He was charged for conducting such illegal act with a kid under 13 and abusing another kid of age 8, consistently.