Missing: Who Is Cataleya Buttrom And Where Is She Now? Everything To Know

Who Is Cataleya Buttrom? Know about the two-year-old child abducted by Ricky Lee Buttrom.

Cataleya Buttrom is a 2-year-old girl who is abducted from Bartow County, Georgia.

The incident took place on Wednesday, December 1, when the news officially broke into the internet.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children revealed the incident as the name of the suspected abductor was also disclosed.

Following the kidnapping, an Amber Alert was activated and an immediate search is expected to be undergoing.

Here we take a deeper look into the available information about the kid as well as the occurrence.

Who Is Cataleya Buttrom?

Cataleya Buttrom is a missing two-year-old girl from Bartow County who was abducted on December 1.

She weighs around 20 pounds while the description of her clothing is not available.

Cataleya was probably kidnapped from her area but any further detail regarding the incident and background of the little kid is not disclosed.

An all-out emergency was initiated and the individuals with any sort of knowledge are requested to inform the police by the local officials.

Cataleya Buttrom Kidnapper Ricky Lee Buttrom

Cataleya Buttrom was reportedly kidnapped by a young man named Ricky Lee Buttrom.

The department related to children’s welfare also disclosed the name and appearance description of the suspected kidnapper.

Ricky is a 6 feet and 7 inches tall black man with dreadlocks and weighs around 193 pounds.

The 25-year-old abductor was driving a blue 2017 Toyota  Rav 4 vehicle with a Georgia tag CPF9791, according to WSBTV.

Although both the kidnapped kid and the kidnapper man share the same last name, the actual relationship between them is not known at the moment.

Cataleya Buttrom Parents

Apparently, Cataleya Buttrom’s parents are yet to come to the media.

It has only been a few hours since the occurrence of the abduction and the family members of the two-year olf girl are yet to be covered by the sources.

However, there is no doubt that her father and mother must be extremely worried, and probably are doing everything in their power to speed up the search process.

Further information from the investigative process is yet to come to the media as continuous updates will be provided.