Who Is Hanna St Julian? Oxford Michigan Shooting Third Victim Update

Hanna St Julian is one of the victims of the tragedy that occurred at Michigan High School. 

The rampage shooting that occurred in the high school led to three deaths of the student with eight injuries. The incident has started chaos in the city, mourning the death of their beloved ones.

Although the suspect has got taken into custody, the authorities are further investigating the matter.  All the safe people are evacuated safely to the nearby store, while others remain hospitalized.

Additionally, there has been an update concerning the tragic event that occurred in the high school. Stay Tuned to know more about the tragedy.

Who Is Hanna St Julian?

The name of the three victims that lost their lives during the shooting got revealed just recently. The name includes the 16-years-old boy, Tate Myre, a 17-year-old girl Madisyn Baldwin, and a young 14-year-old girl Hannah St. Julian.

Hanna was a high school student at Oxford High School. She appears like she was in her junior year when she lost her life.

She was one of those students who were present in the place when the rampage took place. Besides that, more information about her is yet to get released.

Hanna St Julian- Oxford Michigan Shooting Victim

Till now, the victims of the shooting with several injuries are still in the hospital. Although six of them have gained their consciousness, the other two are having their surgery.

With all that, the three of the student got killed by the shooting. Among those three students, Hanna was one of the victims who passed away.

Further investigation is going over the recent rampage in high school. While four of the injured victims are in critical conditions, and one remains under serious conditions.

Others conditions have got stabilized, and one got discharged.

Although the authorities are further investigating the suspect, as he does not seem to cooperate. Regardless of what, the students have lost their lives and suffered a loss.

Explore Hanna St Julian Age: Who Are Her Parents?

Hanna was just 14-years when she faced a tragic death in high school. Her birth details are not released to the public yet.

Likewise, her parents have been heartbroken with the loss of their little girl. With that, they have not commented on the matter yet.

Hanna’s parents are mourning for their daughter’s life. Meanwhile, her friends and her known one are praying for her soul.