Who Is Tate Myer? Oxford MI Shooting Victim – Ethan Crumbley Active Shooter Update

Who is Tate Myer? The Oxford MI shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley has been the talk of the town. The incident occurred on November 30, 2021. 

The first fatal Michigan School shooting happened ever in history. Three students are dead, and eight are injured after a teen opened fire at a high school in Oxford, Michigan. It’s heartbreaking news for the nation too.

Reportedly, A 15-year-old sophomore teenage student Ethan Crumbley has been taken into custody with an armed weapon. The college authorities have requested parents to pick their children, who managed to leave the school premises from the parking lot, as per the statement.

However, the video of the incident is available on Twitter. In the video, we can see the frightened students, apparently curled up in the classroom. Later, they jumped out of the window with fear of the gunman posing as a sheriff in the hallway.

Fans are startled after the video of the Michigan High School shooting video shared on the internet.

Who Is Tate Myer? Is He Oxford Shooting Victim?

It’s not clear whether Tate Myer is an Oxford, Michigan shootings victim or not. The police officers haven’t released the name of the victims in the media.

As per our research, Oxford roster player Tate is a football player. He scored four touchdowns to lead the Oxford Wildcats to a season in 2020, opening 34-0 win against the L’Anse Creuse North Crusaders Friday night. His age and date of birth are under the radar now.

If Tate was the victim of the Oxford, Michigan shooting that happened on Tuesday is yet to confirm.

We can watch the Oxford school shooting video on social media. People have shared the video on TikTok and Twitter as well.

Ethan Crumbley Active Shooter Update

Ethan was arrested by dispatchers on November 30, as he is the prime suspect of the shooting. He is believed to be a student at Oxford High School, reports confirmed.

The 15-year-old active shooter Ethan was taken into custody. While the shooting took place, three students died, aged 14, male 16, and 17 years female, sources confirmed.

As noted by the source, Ethan has sent multiple threat emails to the school’s official websites this month. His motive is yet to determine, but his intention was inappropriate. People are blaming the school representatives for their reckless behavior.

If they have warned or filed complaints to the police regarding threat mails, police might have taken some action.