Dr Betts Illinois Wife Shot and Murdered, Who Were Karol Betts and Michael Betts?

Dr. Peter Betts is rumored to have shot and murdered his wife, while the truth behind the case is still unsolved. Let us find out what happened.

Dr. Betts is a respected pediatrician from the United Kingdom. He is a seventy-six-year-old professional doctor.

He was born in 1945 and training pediatrics in Birmingham. He was specifically drawn to endocrinology although many subspecialties were developing at that time.

He was even appointed consultant for Southampton and Winchester in 1978 and then he shifted to Southampton in 1989.

Dr. Betts Illinois Wife Shot and Murdered By Him

So many have been wondering did the loving pediatrician, Dr. Betts shot and murdered his wife, Elizabeth Betts.

Well, he has not taken the life of his caring wife and what you have heard up till now is not true.

These allegations against Dr. Peter are inaccurate and they don’t have solid evidence to prove this.

People have been saying this because of his health condition.

During the investigation, Betts’s family had said that his mental health had deteriorated rapidly. His wife was with him throughout his tough time.

He was supported by his doting wife and his three children, Tim, Anna, and Sarah, and eight grandchildren, who all loved him.

He was one of the best doctors who had over more than 50 years of experience in the field and retired very early on his life almost 14 years before his death.

Who Were Karol Betts and Michael Betts?

The name Karol Betts and Michael Betts have surfaced but no news regarding their identity has been revealed about them either. They must be Betts family members who loved and supported him.

His family came forward with the news of his health condition. They said he had suffered severe depression and anxiety in the course of the investigation.

Unfortunately, Peter Betts is no longer with us and has passed away in a tragic death.

What Happened To Dr. Betts? How Did He Die?

Dr. Betts became so troubled that he took his own life on October 14th.

His dead body was found in the garden of his village home. There were wounds to his heart and chest.

Some people say it was a suicide even though there were marks on his body. Speculations are being made but so far nothing has been proven.

An investigation was led but the police dropped their research. Sadly, they could not inform, what happened for a week because of legal guidelines.