Who Is Edward Brennan? Bitsy Brennan Son Racist Assault Allegations

Edward Brennan is the son of Bitsy Brennan. Both mother and child are on the headlines for racial assault allegations. 

A video of mother and son racially attacking a black permit auditor went viral on the Internet. They can be seen harassing the guy asking him what he is doing in the parking lot.

No doubt, when the video surfaced on the Internet, people started to call out the mother-son duo for their ill manners. The Twitter users chastised them for treating the permit auditor in the wrong way.

Who Is Edward Brennan?

Edward Brennan is the son of UBS financial service employee Bitsy Brennan. He recently blew up on the Internet, not for the right reason.

He was seen assaulting a black permit auditor in the video. Brennan was there with his mother, Bitsy, who was also shouting at the guy. Edward and his mother are making headlines for harassing a black guy.

There is no detailed information on Edward at present. On the other hand, his mother is a UBS financial employee who graduated from Alabama.

Though there is no specific information about the duo, they are well-educated. People are disgusted to see such behavior from someone who has a decent job and is educated.

Bitsy also went as far as to call the cops, but the tables were turned as the man had taped the whole incident on the video. Nevertheless, both mother and son are getting hate for assaulting a man who was doing his job.

Bitsy Brennan’s Son Edward Brennan Racist Assult Allegations Explained

Johnny Martinez accused Bitsy Brennan and her son of a racial attack on Saturday, November 27. He was doing his job in the parking lot of an apartment in Nashville when the mother-son duo approached him.

At 8 p.m on Saturday, they went to him to ask how he managed to get there. When he answered them saying he was doing his job, Martinez said they insisted on seeing his i.d.

Analyzing the situation, he quickly took out this phone and recorded everything happening in the parking lot. The video soon went viral all over social media.

Martinez added he had filed a police report against them and wanted to bring a charge against them. Though Bitsy denies all of the allegations, people are saying the other way after watching the video.

UBS Financial Service Employee Bitsy Brennan Action After The Allegations

As per the report, the job of a UBS financial employee is on the verge of getting terminated. However, the company hasn’t made any official announcement upon one of their employees’ inappropriate behavior.

As they haven’t responded to the incident and clarified what is going on, they are getting hate from the public. UBS is a big firm that operates as a brokerage firm and investment advisor.