Rhys Stephenson Wife or Partner, Is He Married? Gay Rumors Addressed

Rhys Stephenson is 28 years old actor who does not have a wife as he is yet to marry, while his partner or girlfriend is currently unknown.

Rhys Stephenson is a British anchor, actor, anchor, and celebrity, taking part in the celebrity dancing show Strictly Come Dancing. Airing on the BBC One channel, the former anchor has been paired with Nancy Xu Xi.

Enjoying every bit of the show and dancing his way to the finals, he has delivered some memorable performances in the show.

Rhys’s recent performance came with an emotional ending. The CBBC anchor was greeted by his grandparents through a special video.

Who Is Rhys Stephenson Wife or Partner in 2021?

Rhys Stephenson has kept a low profile when it comes to his personal life. Keeping his privacy there has been no revelation about his current wife or partner is.

Starting his career as a theatre actor, the 28-year-old actor has been part of multiple theatrics like Sydenham Arts Festival, Alice in The Wonderland, and At the Feet of Jesus, to name a few.

The actor’s shining moment came when he became a host of CBBC in a kid’s show.

Currently, he is one of the participants in the dancing reality show, Strictly Come Dancing. Rhys has been paired with another talented dancer named Nancy Xu xi.

The pair have delivered multiple beautiful performances on the show.

In their recent emotional performance, the dance pair were paired for having an undeniable romantic connection when it comes to performing.

Rhys Stephenson Is Not Married Yet

Rhys Stephenson is not in a relationship or has revealed he has dated. Keeping it professional, any news or pictures published of him has related his work rather than any news of entanglement.

Focused on winning the title of Strictly Come Dancing, the handsome actor has revealed no plans of being married any time soon.

However, we are sure that as he decides to reveal who he loves, his fans will be fully supportive of his choice and decision.

Is Rhys Stephenson Gay?

Rhys Stephenson has kept most of the personal detail private from the eyes of the public. Despite being an interesting topic, there have been no statements from him or his publicist side.

As there has been no such confirmation, we cannot just assume his preference in a date.

Scanning through his personal Instagram, we could find no evidence of such interest. It is up to the TV personality himself to reveal his interests.