Cyclist: Who Was Shui Ki Chan? Joanne Marie McAuley Victim – Details To Know

Know about Shui Ki Chan, the cyclist man who was killed by a woman named Joanne Marie McAuley back in 2012.

Shui Ki Chan was a restaurant worker of Hong Kong nationality who was killed in a road accident in 2012.

The incident dates back to August 23, 2012, when a woman named Joanne Marie McAuley struck a cycle with her car.

Chan, in that cycle, back to his home from the restaurant, was severely injured and remained on the side of the road until his body was discovered the next morning.

McAuley, an unlicensed driver, who hit the man in sheer rage, was unpunished by the law and had escaped the punishment until now.

She is now recently sentenced to ten years of imprisonment, reports DailyMail.

Who Was The Cyclist Shui Ki-Chan? Joanne Marie McAuley Victim

Shui Ki Chan was a restaurant worker based in Queensland who was killed by Joanne Marie McAuley in 2012.

He was returning back to his nearby residence from his shift at the restaurant when the incident took place.

Nothing other than his nationality as Hong Kong and the accident is known to the media.

The reason for the rage of Joanne is reported to be raised finger by the cyclist towards her.

With the motive to scare the man, McAuley sped up the vehicle towards the cycle but she couldn’t control it and hit the man with force.

This left Chan with several casualties, with a broken pelvis and heavy internal bleeding, which reportedly became the cause of his death.

How Old Was Shui Ki Chan?

Joanne Marie McAuley’s victim Shui Ki Chan’s age was 25 years old.

He was born in 1987 while his exact birthdate and other childhood details are not known.

It is not known if the man was actually a resident of Australia or had moved to Australia due to various reasons at the time of the incident.

Anything besides that is a thing of mystery to the media.

Shui Ki Chan Wiki And Family

Shui Ki Chan’s family and known ones raised concerns and voices for justice to the victim but their identities are not revealed.

Actually, nothing much other than the incident is known about the cyclist.

He was not a media person and was not covered previously by any sources.

He didn’t have a wiki-bio page or any other piece of information.

Thus, it is pretty difficult to gather any clue about his family or any such background detail.