What Kind Of Illness Does Andrew Marr Have, Why Is He Leaving The BBC, Where Is He Today?

A British journalist and Tv presenter, Andrew Marr, have decided to move on from “The BBC.” He also had been suffered from Illness years back. To know about the detail of his early life, read the full article.

Andrew Marr is one of the most popular Journalists and presenters for radio and television.

Moreover, He began hosting a political program Sunday AM which is currently called The Andrew Marr Show, which runs on Sunday Mornings on BBC One since 2005.

Regarding Andrew’s political affiliations, he was formerly a Maoist and a Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory member.

This group was founded by Labour Party members who are known as the Alliance for Workers Liberty.

As of 2021 news and his announcement, he has decided to leave The BBC and move to Global to write and present political as well as cultural shows and write for the newspaper.

Andrew Marr Illness Explored

According to his Wikipedia, On 8 January 2013, Andrew Marr was taken to hospital after suffering a stroke at home.

Andrew left the hospital on 3 March and said he hoped to return to work late in the year.

Similarly, In May 2018 Marr went to the hospital again for an operation to deal with a malignant tumor on the kidney.

As of 2021, Marr contracted with covid-19 but he recovered fully within weeks.

In past years he has been suffered from so many Illnesses and come back with complete recovery in his professional career again.

Why Is Andrew Marr Leaving The BBC?

Andrew Marr has recently announced that he is leaving The BBC after working there for 21 years.

Andrew Marr joined the broadcaster in 2000 as political editor and has run a Sunday Morning program since 2005. From where his career in Journalism began.

Therefore, Marr said that he was quitting the broadcaster after 21 years of journey. The reason behind leaving The BBC is “He is keen to get his voice back.”

Though he is very excited to join Global, he believes it will give him freedom and become very traditional political journalism with no filter on LBC.

Where Is Andrew Marr Today?

Andrew Marr lives in Primrose Hill, north London, with his wife, the political journalist Jackie Ashley of The Guardian. This couple got married in August 1987 in Surrey.

The couple is now parents of three children, one son, and two daughters.

This family lives a healthy and happy life now.