Debunked: Siva Moodley Death And Resurrection Hoax – Everything On His Family And More

The death rumors of Dr. Siva Moodley, a fantastic speaker, influencer, radio, and TV personality, and founder of The Miracle Center (TMC), have recently flooded social media sites. 

The news of his death has broken hundreds of hearts and created a dismal atmosphere all over. So yet, there has been no reliable information from the source. All of the death rumors circulating on Twitter and Facebook are false.

We ask that you do not forward the emails without first verifying their legitimacy. Because if you don’t investigate the sources of these tales, you’ll become a member of the false chain.

Debunked: Siva Moodley Death And Resurrection Hoax

In this piece, you will learn the answer to the question, “Did Siva Moodley die?”. After news of Siva Moodley’s untimely death spreads on social media, many people’s hearts begin to race.

Many people share bereavement and RIP sentiments without double-checking the post’s authenticity.

So far, our sources haven’t confirmed anything like this. Until we hear otherwise from an authorized source, we can assume he is alive and well.

We suggest you not share the death information with anyone at this time. However, we will update our webpage if we obtain any new information from our sources.

Who Is Siva Moodley?

Siva Moodley is a well-known international speaker, radio host, and television host.

His international performance, You Miracle Moment, is still remembered. However, Moodley has a lot of expertise and is good at what he does.

He has been a minister for 25 years. Siva Moodley is also the founding pastor of The Miracle Center Church.

Apostle Jessie and Siva Moodley were married. His two sons, one named Pastor David and the other Kathryn Jade, survive him.

Siva Moodley Family & Children

Dr. Siva Moodley has two children, Pastor and Kathryn, and is married to Jessie Moodley.

He is happily married to Apostle Jessie, whom he proudly named after him.

Pastor David, TMC’s Technical Director and Producer of YMM, and Kathryn Jade, host of ‘The Miracle Report with Katy,’ which broadcasts excellent testimonials, are the couple’s two children.

Siva Moodley Net Worth

Dr. Siva Moodley has an undeniable net worth of more than $5 million.

Moodley has over 25 years of experience as the CEO of Miracle TV LLC and the Miracle Centre Church’s Senior Apostle and Founder.

He and his partner have held International Miracle Healing Crusades in America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.