Who Is Mellisa Root On ‘School Of Chocolate’? Meet Her On Instagram

If you are willing to know Mellisa Root On ‘School Of Chocolate,’ she is a chocolatier and pastry chef with several international awards. 

School Of Chocolate is a new Netflix reality competition show. The eight contestants in the exhibition utilize their skills to the best, along with world-famous chocolatier Amary Guichen.

Mellisa Root happens to be one of the eight contestants in the show. The former participant from IKA Culinary Olympics, Culinary Classics, and Star Chef Rising keeps an ambition to bring home the winner of season 1.

The Culinary California Culinary Academy graduate won three gold medals at the Olympics for her culinary as a representative of the USA. Likewise, Satr Chefs Rising Stars Hotel Pastry Chef award was given to her in 2013.

Mellisa Root Age

Mellisa Root is at the age of her thirties. She has been working as the executive pastry chef at Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia, since February 2021.

She was a self-employed owner of The Hairy Lobster from 2015 to 2020 in Portland, Oregon.

Mellisa Root On Wikipedia

Mellisa Root does not have her own Wikipedia page. But her. She pursued her education as a music and art student with the support of her mother.

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin was the first place where she worked in the initial days of her carrier.

Mellisa Root Husband

Mellisa Root’s husband is David Root. He is involved in the cooking and feeding profession as a chef in Colorado. On the other hand, she often posts pictures with children who she calls her mini version. The children might be her son and daughter.

The charity Lobster was the startup of the couples which went through a loss at the pandemic and ended up being closed.

Mellisa Root Net Worth

Mellisa Root might have a net worth of $1-$5 million. A-part from her job at Farmington Country Club, she is the owner of Mellisa Root Chocolates and Confections.

Likewise, the realtor and the winner of several competitions must have a fine collection of wealth.

Meet Mellisa Root On Instagram

Mellisa Root has 1,156 followers, 371 followings, and 425 posts on Instagram. The entire page is filled with her culinary arts and masterpiece. Nothing much about her personal life can be known from her social media.