Pastor Yiga Biography; Son, Church, Wife And Grave

Pastor Yiga was a Uganda pastor and a leader of Revival Christian Church based in Kawaala and a businessman as well.

Pastor Yiga was born as Augustine Yiga in 1946 in Sembabule in Uganda. Pastor Yiga once said he lost his mother at a very young age and he never got to know the exact day he was.

Pastor Yiga also revealed that he had no money to start schooling at a young age due to his mother´s death.

Pastor Yiga son

Pastor Yiga has a son called Andrew Gyengo who happens to be his eldest son. Andrew Gyengo, after the death of his father, spoke to comfort his father´s church.

Pastor Yiga church

Pastor Yiga pastor and a leader of Revival Christian Church with a lot of church members in Kampala. He started the church in 2006.

Pastor Yiga wife

Pastor Yiga´s official wife is known as Julie but several women emerged after his death.

Pastor Yiga grave

Pastor Yiga was buried on November 1st, 2020, near the grave of his late mother. Hundreds trooped to witness the late moments of the pastor.