Vera Davich: Interesting Facts About Scott Patterson’s Ex-wife

Vera Davich’s ‘popularity’, if there’s any, stems from the fact that she is the ex-wife of star actor, Scott Patterson.

Not much is known about Vera Davich and in fact, the seeming lack of information about Scott Patterson’s ex-wife has become one of a kind. Below are some interesting facts about Davich;

Vera Davich Date of Birth and Birthplace

Believe you me! There’s no exact information about Vera Davich’s date of birth nor her birthplace.

Vera Davich Early Life

Not only has Vera Davich ‘hidden’ details about her date and place of birth from the glaring eyes of the public, Davich has also succeeded in ‘hiding’ information about her early life and childhood.

Vera Davich Professional Life

Like said earlier, not much is known about Vera Davich except the fact that she was once married to Scott Patterson. In fact, Davich gained popularity because of her marriage to the star actor.

Vera Davich Height

Information about the height of Vera Davich is not available.

Vera Davich Weight

Information about the weight of Vera Davich is not available.

Vera Davich Children

Vera Davich has no children with her ex-husband. After their divorce in 1985, Davich went ‘under the radar’ and we cannot tell if she has children. Vera Davich also has no social media handles which makes information about her very difficult t find. It’s almost as if she was taught the art of evasion by Black List star, James Spadder.

Vera Davich Net Worth & Salary

It is believed that Vera Davich is living a quiet, yet luxurious life in the United States. Vera Davich’s net worth is not known.