Was Travis McMichael A Cop? Everything On His Wife And More

The convicted murderer, Travis McMichael was not a cop. After his testimonial, he is found guilty and can face up to 30 years in prison.

Travis McMichael is a convicted murderer and a former mechanic at the US Coast Guard. He was charged with 9 counts of murder and aggravated assault on Ahmaud Arbery.

Arbery was shot to death on 23 February 2020. Two months later, Travis, his father, Gregory, and his neighbor, Bryan was arrested for Ahmaud’s killing.

Soon after that, Travis’s death video went viral on social media. It turned the case into a high-profile one and everyone was looking forward to the trial.

McMichaels and Bryan were accused of hate crimes and racism but they have denied it. Also, they formerly pleaded not guilty for Ahmaud’s shooting.

As of now, Travis has testified and it has raised more curiosity and questions among the public.

Was Travis McMichael A Cop?

Travis McMichael was not a cop but his father, Greg is a former police officer.

His family was quite concerned about the break-ins happening in the area. Even in 2019, his dad, Greg had called the 911 dispatcher concerning stuff related to it.

McMichaels were briefed by a Glynn County officer, Robert Rash about the unidentified black man robbing people. He mentioned that a gun was recently stolen.

Moreover, Rash also shared the security footage of Travis McMichael but did not confirm that he was involved in any of the incidents. Neither did he give authority to McMichaels.

On the day of Ahmaud’s murder, Greg and Travis identified Ahmaud from the videos. They tried to ask him some questions but he ran and they chased him with a shotgun.

Both the parties got scared and while Arbery was trying to snatch the gun from Travis, a shot was fired and Ahmaud died on the spot.

Details On Travis McMichael Family

Travis McMichael comes from a well-to-do family.

He enjoyed a beautiful life with his parents in Glynn County. He and his father, Greg, and responsible citizen who put pressure on the authorities for good.

Initially, they reported the break-ins and even tried to catch a suspect. However, it did not turn out as expected.

More About Travis McMichael Wife And Kids

Travis McMichael, aged 35, seems to be married to a wife.

Also, he might have brought up incredible kids. However, he has not shared the details about his partner or children.

Travis McMichael Arrest Charges: What Happened To Ahmaud Arbery?

As per BBC, Travis McMichael was arrested on charges of nine counts of murder and aggravated assault.

He shot Ahmaud Arbery on 23 February 2020 and was arrested in May of the same year. Initially, he pleaded not guilty but he has testified on 17 and 18 of November.

Travis confirmed that Ahmaud did not threaten him before or after the shooting. He chased Arbery as he recalled Ahmaud from the security footage.

Then, McMichael along with Gregory and Bryan followed him to ask some questions. When Travis and Ahmaud were face-to-face, he pulled out a shotgun whilst the victim had no weapons in possession.

As a result, Arbery tried to snatch the gun from Travis considering him a potential threat. Amid it, a shot was fired which hit Ahmaud and caused his demise.

After the testimony, Travis is found guilty of malice murder and 4 counts of felony murder. Also, he is guilty of 2 counts of aggravated assault and 2 counts of false imprisonment.

The sentencing is yet to be announced but he can face up to 30 years of life imprisonment.