DJ Stewart Orioles Salary, Net Worth, Contract, College, Draft, Nationality, What team is DJ Stewart on? How big is DJ Stewart?

DJ Stewart is one of the best outfielders in Major League Baseball. He plays for the Baltimore Orioles.

What is DJ Stewart Orioles Salary?

At Baltimore Orioles, DJ Stewart receives an average yearly salary of $555,000.

What is DJ Stewart Net Worth?

DJ Stewart is listed as one of the hottest prospects of the baseball world. He currently has a net worth that is estimated at over $1 million.

DJ Stewart Contract

He has played only two seasons in the MLB. However, he has been able to accumulate $2,678,100 from his career. Additionally, he gets his average yearly salary from the Baltimore Orioles. In the year 2015 when he signed his deal with the team, he was given a $2,064,500 signing bonus.

DJ Stewart College

DJ Stewart attended Florida State University. That is where he started to play baseball as a real sport.

DJ Stewart Draft

He was drafted first in the year 2015. This was as a 25th round pick. However, he played his first MLB game on the 12th of September, 2018.


DJ Stewart is a proud American.

What team is DJ Stewart on?

He plays for the Baltimore Orioles currently.

How big is DJ Stewart?

DJ Stewart is 6 feet tall and weighs 104 kg.