Hans Koenigsmann Salary, Net Worth, Linkedin, Instagram, Retirement

Hans Koenigsmann is a German aerospace engineer who was Vice President of Mission Assurance for SpaceX until his retirement in 2021. He was born in either  1962 or 1963 since his exact date of birth is unknown to him.

Hans Koenigsmann is a product of Technical University Berlin where he obtained his aerospace engineering diploma.

He did not stop there. He continued to the University of Bremen where he obtained a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering and Production Technology in 1995 with the thesis “Magnetische Lageregelung von Kleinsatelliten in niedrigen Höhen”.

Hans Koenigsmann was awarded the highest form of recognition by NASA for non-Government individuals, NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal in 2014.

Hans Koenigsmann Salary

Hans Koenigsmann’s salary is unknown to the public even at the time of his retirement. He worked with Elon Musk, one of the wealthiest men on earth.

However, Elon Musk has employed Gwynne Shotwell who worked with Hans Koenigsmann and was taking an annual salary of about $40,000is smaller. This shows Hans Koenigsmann was taking a huge sum of money.

Hans Koenigsmann Net Worth

How much is Hans Koenigsmann worth?  Hans Koenigsmann worked with Elon Musk and his salary is said to be huge. His net worth is also unknown but it could be around $1billion.

Hans Koenigsmann Linkedin

Below is Hans Koenigsmann information on LinkedIn;

Hans Koenigsmann lived in California, United States. He is a retired ExSpaceX engineer. He now works as a Senior Advisor, Chief Scientist, or ExSpaceX.

Hans Koenigsmann Instagram

Hans Koenigsmann is on Instagram as;

Hans Koenigsmann Retirement

Hans Koenigsmann before his retirement, SpaceX promoted him to Vice President of Mission Assurance in 2011 making him responsible for the safe completion of SpaceX missions.

Koenigsmann announced his retirement from SpaceX in January 2021.