YouTube: What Happened To Bajan Canadian? Everything About His Net Worth

After taking a gap for 2 years, Minecraft YouTuber Bajan Canadian is back and has started uploading videos on his channel.

Bajan Canadian, a professional Minecraft YouTuber has made a comeback.

Considered to be one of the most successful YouTubers among the Minecraft community, his contribution to the community has gained him loyal fans throughout the world.

The member and contributor of Team Crafted, Bajan became a household name for the Minecraft community since his collaboration with the YouTube community in 2012.

He is well known for his competitive Minecraft mini-games including Hunger games, Battledome, Parkour Speed Runs, and so on.

After announcing his return, Bajan had gifted his fans with a video one month earlier. Meanwhile, people are yet to find out what led him to disappear for 2 years.

Here is what we know.

What Happened To YouTuber Bajan Canadian?

Minecraft YouTuber Bajan Canadian suddenly disappeared from the media in 2019 without public announcement.

Once a popular member of the Minecraft community, Bajan chose to stay away from the media for 2 years before his comeback back in June 2021.

His disappearance had led his fans to wonder the reason for his actions but Bajan stayed professional and has decided to keep his lips tight on that matter.

Bajan deleted the videos on his channel which had garnered millions of views.

Although he has yet to talk about the reason, rumors are he was surrounded by the feud with SkyDoesMinecraft which became a leading factor for his disappearance.

However, it was not the first time Bajan had been in controversy as his prime years in Team Crafted also saw Bajan involved in the commercial controversy. He was revealed to be involved in kicking Seto out of the group.

Further, his next group project named ‘The Pack’ could not see light as the group was dismissed in 2015. It was formed in late-2014.

Bajan Canadian Age And Real Name

Bajan Canadian, 27, is the gaming name of Mitchell Donnell-Ralph ‘Mitch’ Hughes.

Born on March 3, 1994, in Canada, Mitch graduated from Beaconsfield High School in 2011.

He moved to America for his 4th grade and after spending 3 years on foreign soil, Mitch went back to Montreal, Canada making new friend Jerome, who was his constant collaborator and one-half of famous duo Merome.

Mitch named his online identity as ‘Bajan Canadian’ where he revealed Bajans are the natives from the Caribbean island Barbados where he grew up.

Bajan Canadian Net Worth

The net worth of Bajan Canadian is estimated from $1 million- $5 million.

He was one of the biggest Minecraft YouTuber and had collaborated with several companies.

Further, his income comes from the online streaming platform as well. Similarly, his YouTube channel has seen 5.67 million subscribers as of now.

Meet Bajan Canadian Fiancée

Bajan Canadian aka Mitch is engaged to his girlfriend Jessica Pietroniro.

The couple had shared their highs and lows for 7 years now.

Jessica is a professional dietician case manager for Innomar Strategies. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, she earned her bachelor’s degree from McGill University.

She said ‘Yes’ to Mitch on August 21, 2021