How Old Is Ava Ro Age From Holly Hobbie ‘Claudia’? Height And Birthday Revealed

How old is Ava Ro from Holly Hobbie as Claudia? Continue to learn about the child actress’s height and more. Let’s explore more.

Ava Ro is significantly acknowledged as a child actress from “Holly Hobbie”.

She is also best appraised for her unique acting role as Ella on Big Top Academy.

The actress possesses skills from all the facets of the entertainment industry.

Ava Ro is an actress, singer, rapper, dancer; all we have to do is say she can do all.

She is also a member of GEN: ZED which was formerly known as GFORCE.

GEN: ZED is a three-girl JUNO nominated pop group and quarter-finalists on America’s Got Talent.

The actress released her single entitled “Fired Up” three years back in 2018.

Let’s explore some exclusive facts about the actress in the article below.

How Old Is Ava Ro From Holly Hobbie ‘Claudia’? Her Age And Birthday

The child actress, Ava Ro’s age, is unknown; however, she has all the earmarks of being in between 14 to 17 years.

Insights of Ava’s introduction to the world also remain undetermined to date.

Ava Ro claims a YouTube channel under the name AVA RO in the public platform.

Thus far, she has stockpiled over 5k subscribers on the video-streaming platform.

Not many of us know, but Ava Ro is also a voice actor who did voice-over for Min on Disney’s Dino Ranch.

She has given life to the character Remy on Universal Kids’ animated series Remy and Boo.

Ava Ro is not the only child of her parents; she has a younger sister who is 11 years old now.

She took to her Instagram to unveil her grandparents were from North Korea.

Whereas Ava Ro’s father seems to be from Korea initially, she is a Canadian by nationality.

Ava Ro Height

Discussing Ava Ro’s height, the measurement remains unspecified thus far.

If somehow, we happened to assume, she most likely might associate with 4 feet 9 inches to 5 feet.

The measurement above in no way is a substantiated measurement of the actress.

It is wholly based on the appearance of Ava Ro’s on the social media platform.

She has all the earmarks to most likely associate with an average height of girls of her age.

Talking about her looks, Ava has naturally brunette hair; however, she has a balayage hairstyle.

Coming to Ava’s personality, it seems she has an outgoing personality.

Is Ava Ro Available On Instagram?

Yes, Ava Ro is within easy reach on Instagram under the username @missavaro.

Thus far, the official account of the actress has accumulated over 10k adherents.

Gazing the feed of Ava Ro’s Instagram, we can say she is a religious user of the platform.

She updates her Insta grid with several heterogeneous contents now and then.

Be it a video of her playing piano, random vlog, portrait; you name it, Ava has it all.