“Too Much Booty In The Pants” TikTok Song And Lyrics Meaning Explained

A new dance trend ‘Too Much Booty In The Pants’ is rocking TikTok. Let us discover its meaning and gain insights on how to perform the challenge. 

Too Much Booty In The Pants is a new TikTok dance trend that is going viral. The challenge calls for a dance showing the hind region.

The audio was originally posted by Gee King on TikTok. By now, more than 498 users have made videos on the sound and shared them on the platform.

Both men and women can participate in the trend. They have to remember some dance steps and move their body along with the audio.

Too Much Booty In The Pants” TikTok Song

‘Too Much Booty In The Pants’ is a TikTok dance trend hitting off every social media.

The trend is flooding some users’ for you page and they seem to be enjoying it. Some might get confused as to what is it all about.

The videos began surfacing after a user named Gee King posted the sound. The lyrics are simple to remember and the dance steps are quite easy too.

As of now, over 498 videos have been posted on the audio. One of the videos with the most hits is of a chubby baby. It has obtained 23.7K likes so far.

Lyrics And Meaning Of The Song Explained

Too Much Booty In The Pants is also a song titled the same.

It was recorded by an artist, Soundmaster T in 1997. It was licensed to Youtube by WMG, Songtrust, and 4 Music Right Societies.

The lyrics talk about moving the body and enjoying the party. However, the title of the song ‘Too Much Booty In The Pants’ is what turned users’ heads.

It simply means the person is thick and has a curvy hind area. Most people are attracted to curves as the human eye perceives them as a familiar pattern.

As the meaning suggests, the TikTokers are showing their hind regions in the trend. Also, they have combined certain dance steps to favor it.

Trend Dance Videos On The Song: How To Do It?

The dance trend Too Much Booty In The Pants is performed by many famous users.

Posting the videos on these new trends and challenges help you gain more likes and followers. If you do not want to dance, you can post some POV videos as well.

A user by the id @emmhart36 posted a video dancing to the sound and has gained over 1K hearts. She is an acrobat and she has amassed over 462.5K followers on her TikTok handle.

To perform the challenge, you can search for Too Much Booty In The Pants and click on the Gee King’s sound. You can learn the steps from other users’ videos.

After learning the moves, record a video of yourself dancing to the song and post it via your account.